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How to make the porridge



Lovin it !!! :)
I make mine like so............

Boil kettle & put a little water in 1st - give it a fliipin good mix & add more water a little at a time - lots of mixing though - then I microwave it for 30 seconds & it gets thicker - add more boiling water - lots more mixing then micro for another 30seconds - leave to stand for a mo & it thickens up - I love it :)
I add just under 300mls of just off the boil water, blitz with my stick blender then micowave for one minute which thickens it slightly. The porridge is quite runny but it makes a big bowlful which I like :)
I love it which is weird as i hate normal porridge !!! I put 160 mls of nearly boiling water in a jug and add 1 sweetener ( as the extra water dilutes the sweetness and I like sweet :) then mix it well with the porridge with a fork and mash it up .. then microwave for 1 min .. lovely :) sure you will find the way to do it to your taste . I find it so filling :)
Im happy now my CDC txted me back to say she can swap 13 soups to porridges at 12:30 today.!

OOOOhhh yes happy now, so glad ive got a good understanding CDC lol.x:D
i tried porridge recently with a spoonful of toffe/walnut shake powder in to flavour and love it so much! it's filling and has kept me on straight and narrow as was nibbling here and there! try it it's lush!!!! lol
oooh loads of suggestions thanks!
i dont have a mcrowave so i do it on the hob, and i add 1 sweetener, and loads of water.... (gross i know) and i add cold water then the mix put the heat on then stir till all mixed and thickening .... that works perfectly every time.... i tried it in the microwave at work but i didnt like it as much... it worked better on the hob!
I think it's the easiest of the lot to make - put porridge in bowl, add required amount of hot water, give it a good mix with a fork, bung it in the microwave for 1 minute, give it another stir....and there you have it.

Im amazed at you guys who sweeten it - the only niggle I have with it is that it is already a bit sweet for my tastes!
As I said in another recent post about making the porridge, I accidently put the water in the bowl before the porridge the other day. I slowly added the powder mixing as I went with a fork. Made it a lot less lumpy than adding water to the powder.
Thanks everyone, tried it a few ways now trying to find my favorite way
Ha note to self: don't explode half you porridge in the microwave

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