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How to reset yourself....

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What do you do if you know that you have had a couple of really bad eating days? How do you make up for it? Do you skip your syns for a few days or do you just pretend it didn't happen and go on to the next day? Is there something you can do to make up for it? I had some really bad food yesterday. :(
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I would just start afresh today, no guilt attached to what you ate yesterday.... just start again today :)
Completely agree. Put it behind you hun and carry on as normal. Cut down to 5 syns, but no lower, if you wish and eat lots of superspeed and speed foods but don't worry about it. xx

Mrs V

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I agree Hun...there isnt any point beating yourself up over yesterday's mistakes, they've happened and thats that.
Just get back on plan and you will limit the damage. Drink plenty of water too.
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I would do red days and limit my syns unless I thought limiting my syns might set me off on a mad eating spree!
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I agree with Gobolino, start a fresh as if you try and compensate with having 'no syn' days it makes you feel guilty and you're more likely to go the opposite way and basically say stuff it I have ruined it now x
S: 12st8lb C: 11st12lb G: 11st4lb BMI: 26.8 Loss: 0st10lb(5.68%)
I aggree with drinking more water that will definitely help. I do think cutting back on syns might send me on an eating spree - but thats me personally !


Better drink that water!
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That was me this weekend too. Dont let it get you down. We all have days like that (or 3 days if you're me lol)

Drink plenty and start afresh! :) you can do it.


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Can't really add what hasn't been said to be honest.

If I KNOW beforehand I'll be bad, i.e. a meal out or party etc, I plan carefully before and after it. I do cut down my syns, but as jaylou says not under 5. I also usually do an extra hour workout or eat lots of speed foods.

If it's a random bad day, I just draw line under it and try best to be uber good the rest of the week.

Remember it can catch you up so be good the week after too :) x


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Like Mrs Determined my bad day usually ends up in a 3 day bender! There is no point in beating yourself up, just try and get back on track by planning and cutting back on syns for the next few days (no lower than 5) and all will be ok.


Slow but sure....
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Start afresh, it's a new day, so put yesterday behind you and it's mistakes, and get right back on track again, good luck.

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