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How to set a target?

I have a LOT of weight to lose, but I just can't set myself a final target. I have no idea what I'm going to look like or how happy I will be.
If I set my target to what a doctor might say my ideal weight is then that would prob be a lot further away than my idea of a target. Because I have such a lot of weight to lose I am wary of setting a target thats too far away and that it might put me off. I tell myself I will be happy to get down to 15stone when I get married, but really what size will I be, nobody seems to know. I have come down from 21.5 stone to just over 18.5 stone and have only dropped 1 clothes size.
In my heart of hearts I know I still have at least 8.5 stone to lose but the thought of it breaks my heart:cry:, I just want to focus on the good work I've done so far and a target of 3 stone seems so much easier.
Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do? :confused:
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3 stone is an amazing loss! for me I have oodles to lose, but im setting smaller targets - 10% etc. But for me, I think I will be happy if i get to just the overweight marker - im so fed up of being "morbidly obese"
Good luck!
Hi Vixter, I know how difficult it is thinking ahead to what might seem impossible so now I try not to think about it. Not that helpful probably but for me, I've never been a normal weight so I just can't imagine what I will look like at any given weight. Do you have any old pics where you think you look good? If you can figure out what weight you were then perhaps you could set that as a possible target. I've set my target for 15 stone which to a lot of people will seem really high but then it's less than half of what I was and if I don't look half decent by then I'll cry!

If I were you then set the 15 as your first target, if when you get there you aren't happy just adjust it down again. Targets aren't set in stone, just to give you something to work for.

You're doing really well, keep it up.:D
Thanks for the replies, I don't have any old pics where I think I look good (as an adult). Sad to say that the weight I am now is roughly the weight I was after leaving school!! Well...I remember being this weight during my first year of working anyway.
That was a wee thing that did help me feel good last week though when I realised that :D
I don't ever remember being 15 stone, I was not one for weighing myself obviously...the only figure that sticks in my head is being between 18.5 and 19 stone which is what I am again!!



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How about setting it so your out of obese bmi and into overweight bmi? Then see how you feel then?
Hi Vixter

Well done on your weight loss so far - you're doing really well. How about doing what I did - just set yourself a target of half a stone at a time. I had nearly 7 stone to lose when I started my weight loss journey and couldn't face thinking about the whole amount and decided that each half stone off was a real bonus. I'd lost well over 3 stone before anybody noticed I'd lost any weight. As for your end size - I'm 5ft 11 and a slim size 12:).

You will be that pretty bride! xx
I have been a bit of a serial slimmer in the past, so I have a pretty good idea of how I look and feel at different weights. I was fit and happy at 10.5stone but at 8stone (theoretically my "desirable" weight) I felt I looked too angular and my shoulders were too wide for my hips. So I have set my goal for 10stone which should give me a 7lb leeway to maintain within.

However, I am reserving the decision about whether to take a few months maintenance intermission at somewhere between 12 and 13 stone. I am a lot older now than last time I was that weight, and I may be getting worried about my loose skin and sagging neck by that point!
Thanks for all the advice
I do like the fact that with Slimming World you get an award every half stone. Its a small and achievable target.
I'll just have to keep fighting on and see where it takes me!!
Last night I had to present some cheques and have photos taken :eek:
eek so I dressed all in black. I did get a couple of compliments on my weight loss!
I can definately wait to see the pics tho....:(


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