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How to spread my pack at work ??

hey after a little advise ..
I work 2 days a week on a very busy medical ward as a staff nurse , 1 is normally a late shift , which is fine but I really struggle with an early shift ( 7am - 2.30 )

My usual routine is shake at 12 , shake at 5pm and my bar between 8 and 9 pm .. but when I am on an early , i leave the house at 6.30 , I really need something before i go to work as I need the energy , but then I get a break at 10.30 ish , when I am normally very hungry too .. BUT if I have another pack then .. i will only have 1 left for between 3pm and bed .. when I get the most picky .....

So do I try with 1/2 a pack before work and 1/2 on my break , then I have 2 left when I get home , or try and do without anything after my brekkie pack till I get home at 3pm ?? or do i have 4 packs when I do an early ???

any any advise would really be appreciated :)
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How about having an extra pack on the days you do earlies? For that one day a week, I can't see that you'd do much damage having an extra shake - it'd only be like having a SS+ day after all. If you were feeling particularly strong, you could always not have your bar in the evening, but it'd probably work out better to tell yourself that you'd let yourself have 4 CD products if need be.


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Hiya, I was in the same dilemma. As you know I also work shifts. My CDC suggested I half all my packs so that they were 6 (for SS) or 8 (SS+) packs. That way the shakes last absolutely ages! Give it a go, Hon,or try and have a SS+ day if you really need to. Hope that helps. :)


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Another option might be to add in something extra on the days you do earlies? I bought a tub of True Whey this week from myprotein. Its a high protein low cal low carb shake, 98 cals, 1.8 carbs and 25g protein, pretty much like the vlcd replacements and probably what they are based on. A huge tub cost £27 with delivery and gives about 80 portions, so is really cheap. You could have one of those before going to work which would keep you going until you have your first CD shake. They come in differnt flavours, and i got the mint choc flavour. I wont say its delicious, but its certainly acceptable.

I bought it because i wanted something quick to have when i get home from work that will keep me ticking over till dinner. Because im diabetic i get a bit shaky late afternoon, but dont want to have to eat something, so this has been a good low cal low carb solution for me.
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I'd half them chick - I'm an early bird with my shakes - I have them at 8isham - 12pm and 5pm (the evenings don't bother me so just drink water) x


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i cute my bar up into 4 fingers - like a kitkat (LOL). I freeze them and then when I really need to eat, i take just one and it takes ages to chew and satisifies me when i glug it with water. Perhaps you could cut your bar up this way too?

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