how to start and be strong the cambridge diet


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You can get loads of support on here and I think lots of people will have different tips. In advance you might find it useful to cut down on carbs and up your water intake which would help you in the transition.

A lot of people (me included) find the first 3 days hard - there are no magic cures. I grit my teeth, remind mysef I will be feeling really good by day 4, go to bed when I am really hungry and read minimins a lot. By the end of the first week you will have a great weight loss and in the four weeks to Christmas you could easily lose a stone!


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hi thanks for your replay i love minimins and i am enjoying it

what should i get from cd shakes soups what taste good


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AllyKat has given very good advice on cutting down on carbs and increasing your water intake a few days before as this will help you slide into ketosis much easier...much better than going cold turkey after a last supper.

Ask your CDC for a selection of different flavours as CD has so many you are bound to find a few that you like.

Here is a Motivational Christmas Tree I think is very good by our member qualitybrittany in the SW forum you could use to tick off each pound as you lose it on the run up to Christmas.

Take it one day at a time and pat yourself on the back for each day accomplished and set yourself mini goals which are achievable in the short term and reward yourself with a non food treat...

Believe you can do it and you will.:)

Motivational Christmas Tree...

I had a little bit of spare time at work and made a 'Motivational Christmas Tree' for myself... But i liked the idea so much, i photocopied it and i'm taking it to class tonight so see if anyone else likes it, so obviously i thought to share it with all the lovely people on here too!

Basically the plan is i want to lose a stone (or at least bloody close) by christmas. So on my tree in the baubles i will put numbers 1 - 14 (14 being in the star at the very top) so i can plan each lb i lose, and for every one i do i'll colour in!!
Now, if you don't want to lose a stone you can set your sights higher or lower by writing different numbers in the baubles or setting your own targets..
I'm sure you get the idea, i'm very bad at explaining things!!

Either way here is it, to print off or complete on the computer at your will.
Hope it serves as a good motivational tool to someone, i know i'm using mine!!

Edited to add: To give you an idea, this is how my tree looks so far!!

You'll never get today again, so make it count.
Keep smiling!
xx B xx


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Love the tree!

Here's my advice:

Decide now that this is the very last diet you ever do.

That you will not stop dieting until you reach your target.

Any blips and you get straight back on the diet as if nothing had happened, because you are in this for the long term, remember.

Realise you will be tempted, bored, and your mind will come up with all sorts of excuses to come off the diet, but you are just gonna plod on with it, each day at a time, because you have no choice once you have decided this is the last diet you will ever do!

That has been my mindset for 22 weeks now!

Good luck.
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Ooh liking the tree! It's almost like a weight loss advent calendar - I'm off to print mine now!!


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I started CD this week and was really happy with all the different flavours of soups and shakes and I did as Mini advised and got a good variety, that way I could find out what I like and don't like --- got to say that I haven't found one yet that I don't like. The diet is great and you can use this site for all your extra support as everyone is really helpful and nice.

Mini I love that Christmas tree, it's gorgeous and what a great idea - well done qualitybrittany!


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thanks all .... i will go for it

thanks mini for the tree

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Good luck! all the above advice is fab! remember you can do it!


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Hi, everyone has pretty much said everything. I will only stress one thing, the only way this diet will work is if you are determined to make it work. Try and get as many different flavours as possible, that way you will know which ones you like and which ones you don't. I made a mistake of stocking up on choc and choc mint shakes and I couldn't stand them, I discovered porridge and it is so delish it feels like am not dieting at all. Good luck.


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thanks for the great support i will start end of this week and i am getting a lot of support from here...

i am sure i could do it ....