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How to use up potatoes?


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You could use them to make a spanish omlette


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I would cube them and mix them up with a clove of garlic and some finely chopped red onion with some fat free fromage frais and a little seasoning to make a free potato salad.



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Potato scones
Cottage pie topping

Lots of things - or you could just put them in the fridge and use them tomorrow

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Bombay potato
Fry in fry light for part of cooked breakfast
Fish pie topping
Ooh lots of ideas, thank you! I like the idea of doing a potato salad with fromage frais. Hadn't heard of that. I'll have a ratch around in my cupboards and see what I can put together, I may have enough stuff to make a soup which would be nice for my lunch! x


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Hi i had some left over potatoes cooked the other day so i defrosted some bolognese sauce i had in the freezer and covered the potatoes with it, added 42g low fat cheddar grated.
I then took it to work and microwaved it the cheese melted lovely and it was a really nice lunch.


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I had left-over mash the other day, so I added an egg and a HEA portion of cheese, then shaped them into fairly thin patties (about 1cm in thickness) and fried them in Frylight over a medium heat.

They. Were. Gorgeous. So much so, that I'm going to make them regularly from now on. I make my own tomato sauce and we had them with that.
A fritatta! I saw a fab recipe that had onions and potato in a fritatta with some herbs that you could eat hot or cold - i think it was in one of the starter books actually.

I will try and fish it out at home this evening and post it up xx
rosti , grate with onion and make into patty , bake for 25 min , frylight them make a curry sauce and dip away..

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