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How will you Know??

i have had one of the nicest 'hot' summers where i dont feel like a blimp
having 'nookie' is getting easier lol
and bizzarly when i went to see my family my elder brother was v drunk and pulled me on his lap and i did not kill him lol


Life's full of choices
Well other than people now telling me....

Yes there is more room in the bath and when I lay down I can actually see parts of my body not seen whilst bathing, in a very long time.

I can bend down and fasten my trainers without my tummy and boobs stopping me from getting past my knees when reaching down for the laces with my hands.

I now only have ONE set of breasts and they're on my front hahaha

When stood up tall I can see my toes if I look down rather than my belly!

Oh yes adult time is much more fun, not only for the bending but also less of me as a barrier means more of.....well you get the picture *blushes*

Just a few, I think I shared too much ;)
When i can go to Alton Towers and fit on the rides!

On the same note when i dont have to check weight restrictions for fun things to do

When i can go into any high street shop and buy clothes!
When I can fit comfortably into my size 16 jeans and then when I move down to a 14!
One day, my trousers will actually fall down at work. It'll be hugely embarassing, but until then I am saving the money and trying to keep them up with a belt for a few weeks longer :p


I love book bling
I'll be able to go on fairground rides without the bars digging into me!
I won't have to head to the back of the shop to the 'larger section'!
I can buy t-shirts which are sml(10), med(12) or large(14)
I can wear Knee High boots!
I won't have to weigh up whether I can fit through the turnstile or if the chair in weatherspoons will stick to my bum when I stand up.
Wont get punched when hubby changes gear in the car and finally don't show a builders bum when I bend over in my jeans.:kissass:


Never gets tired of SW!
I can cross my legs without having to strain to hold one over the other!

I can sit in the pub and not feel I have to cover up my middle to hide my huge spare tyre (there's still one there but I can now hold it in to disguise it!)

I have rediscovered my collarbones.

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