How will you reward yourself?


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Oh i think i will be the same, it will be some expensive jeans, I have a pair of size 12 levis that still have all the tags on them, i thought i would be able to get into them4 years ago lol , however i also look forward to being able to just pop into places like primark and pick up some good bargains in a size 12, like holiday clothes and stuff.


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I think I will go and buy a whole new wardrobe ( lets hope i win the lottery... lol) I am resisting buying ANY new clothes at the moment until I get till the weight I want............... hence I look like a tramp xxx:8855:


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My hubby is a biker so I'd love to be able to go and buy a set of size 10 or 12 leathers so I look pretty hot on the back of his bike! :D


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Annie68, you have just reminded me that I had a pair of leathers for my Husbands bike, He would love me to be able to get into a pair that were small enough not to be able to double up as a cover for the bike in bad weather:cry:
I will aim for that great idea:cool:


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I will find a pair of great jeans too! I got a lovely pair of Rock and Republic jeans that make my bum look great (I don't have much of a bum) but they're a bit tight at the moment.

I can't really ever find jeans that suit me, so when I get to goal I hope I will. I want some of these...

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Oh...and some great underwear too, that makes me feel more sexy!