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How would you take this?


is loving the soup?!
I've now lost just under 40 pounds (obviously not all on Lipotrim lol) and...not one of my mates has commented.
How would you take that?
Have they not noticed?
Are they embarrassed because they never acknowledged I gained weight?
Do they hate me lol?
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Either they see you everyday and maybe genuinely haven't noticed, or, plain old jealousy lol
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Im voting for jealousy...you cant lose the amount of weight and not notice, unless ALL your friends have serious visual loss!
can only be jealousy - if they're thin they probably feel threatened and if they're larger, they're just green with envy - f**k 'em i say!!


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Some people may be too frightened to say anything in case you are ill. One chap at work did LighterLife and lost 4.5 stone in a very short period of time and people assumed that he had cancer or something... so it may be just that they do not know what to say, not that they are jealous... or maybe I am wrong... JMHO


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I think its defo a case of the green eyed monster,there is no way that you have lost that amount of weight and they have not noticed,i have lost 4 stone in total and i even have strangers(who would only know me to see) coming up to me to say how well i look, feck them they are not worth it,who needs enemies.....................
I would go to them wearing something new and very sassy and say, I love this new dress, since I lost weight I feel much better and see what their faces say! Perhaps they are waiting for you to say something first.
Hopefully they arent jealous, if they are, then you need new friends!! and if they haven't noticed, you still need new friends lol.
Lynne x


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Aw hun, thats a real shame they've not said anything. Im sure they have noticed, how could they not? Do you see them often?

I hope they're not jealous hun, they should be really pleased for you as you've sooo well. Dont let it get you down though xx
Ok, I have lost just under 4 1/2 stonne, some people think I have lost some weight, some people think OMG look at the weight you have lost and some people, someone I actually spoke to today and see once a week said, no I dont notice anything ! ! !

Its not jealously, I believe that people are so caught up in THEMSELVES, not their own lives, to notice anything about anyone else, and to be honest, I couldnt care less :giggle:

I was also told today how sparkly my eyes have become, how nice my hair and skin look, and how I will have to buy braces soon to hold my skirts up :giggle:

Stuff them all, I bet you look wonderful !!

Laura x x x
ive had similar issues, but i do think its due to jealousy at times, most people have noticed mine and im only at 24lb, some dont say a thing but you can tell they know lol.. i guess it just depends on the person and how they feel about themselves in how they relate to possitive things about you.
im one of them ppl that never notices anything! My friend came into work today and we chatted for about half an hour when she said "do you like my hair"? i looked and said yeah its nice, which it was. she had it dyed to chocolate from blond high lights. How did i not notice??! All her blond bits had gone. I think genuinley some ppl just dont noitce.
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things like hair I dont notice all to often but weight is such a big issue with me I actively look for it in people! Its not an attractive charcteristic but hey -what can ya do?

40lbs!! And not one comment?! Thats just nonsense! Someone is bound to have noticed!

Do you run around with a bunch of uber polite people who would never mention your weight?

I think its probably a bit of jealousy and what Irish Laura says, ppl are too caught up in themselves to notice about others. But 40lbs is a hell of a chunk of weight for someone to have not noticed! Well,,,everyone here knows how well you've done and how great you are so never worry about it!
i dont think its jealousy, i believe some people may even be afraid to mention your weight... ???..or like others have said, just may not have noticed,...remember the weight issue is probably just with yourself, others dont always see what you do.;)


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Are you still wearing clothes that are too big .I found peeps didnt notice until I wore clothes that fit. 2 are you usually sat down behind a counter wear a pinny/apron .3 A lot of peeps thought I was ill and didnt metion it to me but 3 or 4 months in they asked my boss/work mates
I do think peeps do get green eyed they will come round soon .Dont let them bring your mood down your doing great its them that needs to get a life xx
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I shouldn't worry. I work occasionally in a school and was in in July when I had lost 4 1/2 stone and only one pupil commented on it. I didn't go in again till last week and many people commented! There were one or 2 who didn't say anything to me but I was told afterwards that I was the talk of the staff room the next day!!!!

My friend lost a load of weight after having a gastric band fitted and I'm ashamed to say I didn't notice for ages, not till she had lost loads!!!

They don't hate you babe, they are either too wrapped up in themselves or jealous!

Some people are so funny about weight loss...My skinny EX MIL never once commented when I lost weight on SW several years back, but my SIL noticed and started attending SW with a few months later and the MIL would constantly harp on about my SIL....and never comment on my obvious loss! :rolleyes:

Then to top it off, the MIL said to me infront of the family, " Oh, I can't see it myself, mind you, you never look any different!".....now I am the type who changes my hair colour and style a lot and I am a fashionista (even when fat!) and she never noticed!!!:D

My SIL is getting married in late spring and since meeting her BF two years ago has gone from a size 10 to at least a size 26 (took her about six months!). I don't see her very often (christmas, b'days, weddings etc.) but she came to visit me a few months ago and looked really shocked when she saw me (I never told them I was LT'ing) and she kept staring at me, but looking away when I caught her gazing at me! Anyway, my big mouthed Mum started up about diets and said to both SIL and MIL about how proud she was of me and they still said nothing!!!:D:D

....last week I met up with the MIL who informed me 'the dress' has been found and ordered...and then gave me a steely gaze when I mentioned what I was intending to wear and warned me that I should keep it simple and give the Bride a chance to shine! So basically they want me frumped up to the max!:D

And I have to say the girl chosen as bridesmaid is only a size 10 and they are already biatching behind the poor girls back about her "huge, humungous hips" and how the dress covers her "multitude of sins".....she is actually tiny but curved in the right places!!!

Family eh????!!!!:rolleyes:


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Hi there, i think that genuinely, some people just do NOT notice. I was feeling that way after I'd lost several pounds (the hey-can't-you-see-I've-lost-weight-won't-you-say-anything feeling!). But all of a sudden one day people just kept on commenting and commenting! Don't worry about it. Soon you'll be asking how to deal with the comments because they won't stop coming-just you wait!


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I lost over 4 stone a few years back but because I was wearing the same clothes and also I am an apple shape (so my face, legs and arms did not change a huge amount) It was only when I had lost around the 4 stone people started commenting :(
i think it depends on do they know you are doing it ? do you talk about LT with your mates my family and my best friend knows i am doing it and we chat about it all the time i have had lots of nice remarks of my best mate and of course my hubby and kids but other people just stare at me or look me up and down as if their is something different they just dont know what i do still need to loose another 2 stone or maybe it is the green eyed monster ha ha who cares

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