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How do you make yourself stay motivated enough to loose all the weight that is required?

Can you please change your font size, It's doing my head in trying to read your posts lol

I have an old photo of myself, when i was thin!! gives me motivation i need:p


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For me it is my wedding photographs and honeymoon photos. Would love to be there again. Aiming for anniversary.


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My motivation is plain and simply vanity :p I want to look better in smaller clothes, I want to feel sexy and I want to get wolf whistled at by dodgy looking builders ;)


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My motivation is plain and simply vanity :p I want to look better in smaller clothes, I want to feel sexy and I want to get wolf whistled at by dodgy looking builders ;)
:p Snap Lol


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not sure about the dodgy builders but a wolf whistle would be nice!


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I'm just simply tired of being the 'big one' in my group of friends. I want to be able to have a photo taken and not freak out!

My wedding day looming helps a lot too ;) But I started this journey before I set the date so it isn't entirely that xx


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This is a problem, most of us have.
What works for me is:

- Look at photos. They either motivate me or disgust me, which motivates me again :D
- As I get thinner, it motivates me because I know I am doing it right and I will reach my goals if I stick to my plans. Like I start a new diet, I cant wait for the day I will see I lost x-amount of pounds. That doest really makes sense, does it? :D
- Other people's compliments
- When I am doing good with my diet, I stick to my other plans good too. This makes me feel good because I feel better, prettier, lighter .. so I dont give up, coz I know I will feel even better tomorrow :)

I hope I helped in any way :)


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Mine was the weight coming off, ive never been slim so didnt have any photos or anything.

Mine was purely being able to buy smaller clothes :)
There is so much motivation for me. I have three children and I am in next to no photos because I hate having my picture taken, I can convince myself I look good in a mirror but the photo tells a different story. I want to have the energy to run around and play with them with out being self conscious. I don't want to spend hours everyday choosing something to wear that will hide all the extra weight, I want to be able to throw on anything and still look good. I have PCOS and I'm hoping losing weight will lessen the symptoms. Just remember why you started and how far you've come so far x


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Being able to walk into any shop - except evans - and take it for granted that they will stock my size because I will be a size 12 or even better a 10.

The feeling you get when you get on the scales and you have lost a few more lbs, and your target weight gets closer!

My boyfriend motivates me, he is really healthy and has a great body and I want to be just as healthy as he is!


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to have more energy.... sick of being so out of breathe so easily so whilst i wanted to lose a bit of my fat (it was over hanging in on my clothes) and tone up, my exercise regeme did all 3 in one. the stairs at work no longer are a struggle, and i can do classes back to back without being knackered :)