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Day 3.... Weighed myself yesterday and hadn't lost anything (quite disappointed as struggled to stick) going for a weigh-in shortly. If nothing lost... Turning to comfort eating :-(
Hi Nosh and welcome to our forum,

Just to say, don't give up, I know when I did my Prelim group one of my group didn't lose weight immediately (though most of us lost loads in the first couple of days) and it was because she was retaining water, which my Locum tells me happens to all us ladies from time to time. Anyway, she stuck with it and after 5 days lost an amazing amount, after that her progress was as good as any of us.

Don't turn to comfort eating, please, surely that is what brought you to the diet in the first place?

Anyway, hope to hear good news from you soon.

Lots of love,
Karen. xx
karen's soooooooooooo right. How is it going Nosh?
Hi Nosh,

How are you getting on? I am sorry I haven't posted on your thread, I have been catching up with the others. How is it all going? Have you lost any weight yet? If so how much?

Look forward to hearing how you have done.

Love Holly.XX
Just to reiterate the posts from the others; how's it going now, Nosh? Hope you got through that brick wall and are now losing weight beautifully.

Anyway, hope to hear from you soon,

All the best, Karen. xx