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howdy howdy


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hey there guys. i thought i should stick my head in and say hi.

i am officially doing cambridge, but am having to take an extended break due to financial difficulties so am on calorie counting again.

i am getting married in july and would like to lose a couple of stones before then. i have half a stone to lose from christmas and my birthday in the last couple of months still so that is my first target and i hope it will drop off fast as it went on fast.

then it's down to 11st 7 as my final goal weight. probably not possibly by mid-july but i'm going to try anyways!!

abz xx
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hey hey hey!!!
welcome and good luck :)
youll do it no probs im here if u ever need to chat :)


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thanks :) i can't seem to stop eating skips today... and apples. having a really really munchy day!! still under quota though so not too bad...

abz xx
yeh ther u go then lol i find if i eat what i want in cal range am fine!!! how many cals u on?x
Welcome, you have discovered the advantage of calorie counting!
Eat what you want (within reason) and still lose weight as long as you stay in your quota.:)


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hi :)

well i have calorie counted before. and it was successful. but i am not great at resisting that little bit extra. but finances leave me with no choice now!!

i am hoping to stay to around 1200 a day. not too bothered if i go a little over on the odd day i struggle but don't want to hit more than 1500. hopefully i'll get my 2lbs a week ish loss with the couple of miles swimming a week.

i went last night. i've started doing breast stroke instead of crawl as i have a dodgy back and this helps it more. but damn are my muscles complaining this morning. and i seem to be developing muscular thighs which is freaking me out a wee bit...

and of course i weigh more this morning which is typical... am going to blame it on the workout :)

abz xx
yeah deffo! im actualli a lifeguard and swimming teacher! ha my legs r quite big but they dont flab about its weird but ther goin down ha! no worries evn if they go muscular n u weigh more its just the muscle and then muscle metabolises the fat so ur alright!!! yeh i do 1400 not to botherd if i go over 1500-1600 coz im so active :)
how much u got to loose?


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about another 3 stones in total i reckon. i'm a tad heavier than shown in my ticker. i want to get down to 11 to 11st 7 eventually. i'm a comfy size 12-14 at that weight... or i was... ha.

abz xx
lol i need to loose 2 more :) make me 10 and half but im 5'8 so 11s make me look good to but im gna say 10 n alf :) you fancy a chat on facebook or msn or something? good to tlk to people in the same boat :)
do u like aerobics and stuff as well as swimming? x
hey honey. i can't at the moment because i'm at work and i'm away all weekend :) but might be able to chat some time next week :) i'm on here when at work quite a bit though as you may have noticed :)

abz xx
hello ladies, im a very recent convert(today is my first day!!) to calorie counting. ive never tried it before, and its an interesting concept. I really need to sort out my activity levels ( im rather lazy)
Im using a site called fitday.com, it calculates the calories your eating, burning and restricting. Day 1 almost over :)
lol heyaaa!!! welcome and ull do great :) x
well guys. after introducing myself a friend of mine has handed me a huge pile of weight watchers books and resources that she no longer needs, so i'm going to give that a go. so i'm sorry it was such a brief visit...

abz xx
hey folks

well abz go where the wind blows you i say!

Ok so i was terrible yesterday, but i knew it was going to happen and i did a 4 mile walk to try and soak up some of the over kill on the calories i was going to do.
Had a family dinner
beefstew creamy mash, pastry, brussels and eves pudding with custard, then homemade tablet!!

So i enjoyed it, and i still feel a bit full this morning. I thnk thats me on over indulging for a few weeks.
well done though for doing exercise to make up for it :) most just think ahhh i failed might aswel carry on ! :) good job xxx

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