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How's everyones week going?


Hopefully due 2 fade away


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Mine has been OK so far, I even went to McDonalds yesterday and had a bag of fruit and a diet coke! My friend works there and has LOADS of those free foods from the Monopoly promotion - as in about 20 cheeseburgers, 20 big macs... etc! Everyone else had loads of food (I was with boys) and I just had fruit and diet coke! Very proud of that!

I am going to London tomorrow for the weekend and will be eating and drinking whatever my friend has for me!


Hopefully due 2 fade away
awh well done Sarah! Glad it's been going well for you! Definitely got will power to go into McDonalds and only have fruit and a Diet Coke! :D

Have fun in London! Got to let your hair down sometime without feeling guilty eh!


size 14 here I come
Mine has been good as far as I know! no cheating :) roll on WI on sat then I will know lol x


Hopefully due 2 fade away
oo good luck for Saturday! x
ive been ok, my wilpowers on holiday and ive not been as tight or honnest with my cal recording or my exercise.. reined it in a bit today with only 1000 cals till after tea then had about 500 cals of treats eek! but have done a 5k walk today and 59mins on the wii fit so hoping tht will counter act it a bit and going to turn over a new leaf omorrow write everything down and get my exercise in.. i would love a 3lb weight loss this week but im gonna have to work hard till monday to get it and carry on the momentum! good luck for sat hun xx


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Hi everyone,
I am new and have to admit I am struggling. Not with willpower - I actually feel very in control for once - but I am disappointed that I have not lost much weight. It's been 5 days since starting a 1000 calorie diet but I have only lost 3lb. I weighed myself this morning and I had actually gained 1lb. So a 2lb weight-loss over 5 days. Really disappointed. Feel like splurging today, but I wont. I did an hour of exercise yesterday, too. Just feeling like this journey is a very uphill battle at the moment.. :(

i dont know if my weeks goin well or not, i didnt go to gym today and nearlly went to pub which would have been terrible.
my weeks goin terrible put on 2lbs after a splurge at the weekend and its weigh day tomorrow, only just managed to go to gym today and i couldnt go for a swim, also i feel very hungry.

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