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  1. tishtosh

    tishtosh Hopeful for the future

    Though I'm delighted with losing 2 stone over 6 weeks on LL, most of my weight was lost in the first 3 weeks with only 5 lost the past 3. Now I realise we all slow down a bit but I'm wondering if the fact that I started HRT just over 2 weeks ago would have any bearing on the slowing down?
    Does anyone have any ideas? Nothing else has changed and because I'm having hot flushes, I'm drinking over 5 L of water a day, I'm not constipated and sticking to the plan! Would love some feedback/ideas on this.
    BTW no let up on flushes yet - looking forward to the day I have no more I can tell you!
    Thanks xx
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  3. icemoose

    icemoose The Diet Guy

    The weight loss does slow after the initial couple of weeks as you are actually then burning fat and not just sugar and water falling out of your system. Anyway it sounds like you are doing fine so just keep drinking the water and the weight will drop, I agree a pound last week doesn't sound good BUT I would hope it will be at least 3 this week and then you'll be smiling again.

  4. tishtosh

    tishtosh Hopeful for the future

    Thanks M,
    I sure hope so but not too down about it but do wonder about the HRT as well.
    Ta x
  5. icemoose

    icemoose The Diet Guy

    I have loads of girls on HRT and never perceived it as an issue ?? If it is then will only be water retention which ultimately can only mask the scales for a few weeks.

  6. tishtosh

    tishtosh Hopeful for the future

    Ok that's good to know - thanks again.
    Next week's weigh-in here I come.
    BTW - good luck with the TT. Have you before pics? To compare with the 6 pack? :)

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