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As far as I am concerned HRT is a no no for many reasons not the least being breast cancer................... think carefully before staying on it more long term.

That , of course is just my opinion and that of my oncologist.
I agree with you Sue, my mum was diagnosed with breast cancer last year in April and the culprit was HRT. Thankfully she is now clear of cancer but has to be on hormone tablets for 5 years and is still suffering from the effects of the chemotherapy and radiotherapy.
I know it is easy to say keep away as after 2 years of being on hrt it was hell weaning my mum off them but the doc was adamant that she had to because of the risk of breast cancer. Eventually her hot flushes went away but it took over a year but you must honestly try as there is a real risk.
My doctor thinks I'm menopausal brought on by my partial hysterectomy last year, but doesn't want to put me on HRT whilst I'm losing weight, so yes I think it does affect metabolism, however as the women on here with PCOS and thyroid problems will testify weightloss can still be achieved, just a bit harder.

What I didn't get the chance to tell my doctor was that I don't want HRT as my body really doesn't like synthetic hormones.
I believe there's a cream with natural hormones on few side effects, only available on private script.
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Think I'm going to pay a visit to my Dr and have a chat. If I forget to take it my hot flushes are unbearable, I lose sleep and get very agitated & miserable. I had a full hysterectomy at 30 and was put on HRT immediately. I was told I had to have it with being so young.


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HI I can personally testify that all of the above advise is real - I was diagnosed with Breast cancer a year ago - I was also taking HRT to stop the effects of Menopause.

I have to take Tamoxifen for 5yrs but I also take
sage tablets for the hot flushes and you can buy
plant based eostrogen tablets its whatever works for you.

My doctor took me strait off the HRT when I was 1st diagnosed and my flushes were volcanic and eyeball melting - the Sage really helps keeping them undercontrol - I still get a few but not so many and the night sweats are ok now just a couple (I dont have to stand in the garden naked anymore - the neighbours are probably grateful)

Try and see what works for you
Once again I can not emphasise how important it is to do this the right way.

I would hate you to go through what I and many others on here have gone through.

Breats Cancer is not to be taken lightly.............
Sue is right, my mum also had breast cancer which was thought to be caused by HRT. She was an experienced nurse and a sensible person but did not feel like the risks were made clear enough to her when the HRT was first suggested.

Some of the ladies here have had success with a magnetic device called a 'ladycare' LADYCARE DISCREET MEDICAL DEVICE FOR MENOPAUSE: Amazon.co.uk: Health & Beauty

Might be worth a try as it doesn't involve introducing any hormones? Either way I hope you find a solution X
Thank you ladies, I'm visiting the dr next week to discuss it. Cancer runs in the family so want to get it sorted.
I'll let you know the outcome.


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Thank you ladies, I'm visiting the dr next week to discuss it. Cancer runs in the family so want to get it sorted.
I'll let you know the outcome.


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all the more reason to take care.

hugs :bighug:

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