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h's diary

i thought id join you all in having a dairy. i wont be listing what foods ive eaten or be entered into every day but im setting out what ill be doing as normal and take it from there i think

every other day - exercise at gym
every day walk the dog up to 3x a day
drink 2-3 litres of water

thats all the pressure im going to put myself under lol

i know from experience that if i expect too much from myself i cave it pretty quickly so i have a journal that im going to keep a note of how many calories ive had on a dd and other than that just be sensible on an up day

it says i can have over 3,000 on an up day which i suppose is taking into consideration the exercise, height etc so as long as im not stupid and eat too much should be fine..in theory!

right enough rambling and lets going that weight off!!

(d day today as daughters 15th birthday sunday and going out for sunday lunch)

oh by the way, came off exante after only 3 days so not sure if that would make a difference to my weigh in next week. i lost 5lbs in 3 days so it may well go back on though its not showing on the scales as yet..who knows!!

h xx
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Good luck Harriet, and will be great to read your diary and progress. Hope all goes great for you hun x
my first down day was fine, the next day was truely terrible. ive never felt so cr*p even after doing lt initially and you get headaches and things, ive never truely felt so ill in my life. whether its because i was on exante for a few days previously or whether my body is sick and tired of being messed about, ive decided to just go with the flow and eat normally for the time being and im not saying this lightly as i thought this was going to be easy for me to get into after surviving before on only 450c a day with lt.

no lol

h xx
You def need to do whats best for you. Perhaps coming from a different diet has made you feel poorly or could you be ill? I have developed a cold today and yesterday felt bad...so bad I even went over my UD allowance. Hope you feel better soon:hug99:
Yes hope you feel better soon Harriet, got to do what is right for you and if your body is telling you no then you have to listen. Take care hun x


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back today and raring to start with a vengence!

i think looking back it was probably the after affects of using another product and jumping from one thing to another.

anywayyyy..ive now got the book, which i started reading last night in bed and it certainly makes for interesting reading. :) one of those books you definately have to concentrate on otherwise you find your mind wandering and not taking all the information in..or was for me anyway!

starting on an up day today and watching what im eating. as it said on the first entry, going to go to the gym up to 3x a week, walking the dog etc. i wont be counting calories on my up days but obviously wont be stupid either. im really hoping this is going to work for me.

h xx

(up day - 2907 - down day - 581 (after two weeks))
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Welcome back Harriet, glad you're all better and raring to go again!

Yes the book is very interesting and you're right it does take a lot of concentration lol!! A lot of info in there!

You've got the same start weight as I had.

Good luck hun, and keep us posted :D

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