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hubbys 3rd week

He's doing great Julie. If you ever want any ideas for meals give me a shout and I'll pm you some bits. Variety really helps, I get bored really quickly if I eat the same thing so I try to mix it up a wee bit from time to time. And he could still have the odd wee choccy thing. The fun size ones are good now and again and my old fav of chopping up milky ways and freezing them, makes them last longer and the aint too heavy on the cals.
:party0019::party0019: Fab weight loss!
The way I look at it, it's a pound lost - add them up and he'll get there. If it helps, that's my average - a pound a week.
I started this year 17.5 stone and am now in the order of 13.5 stone.
I'm also male - 43 just gone in my case.
Regarding chocolate, I figured it was easier to completely give it up.
That's quite an acheivement for me. I remember the day when I would have had a Mars Bar and a Twix before 9.00 in the morning. Every day I did that. I was around 19 stone back then.

He will get there - no doubt about it. I'm not at the finish line, but all those 1lb losses have brought me to within touching distance if it.
Well done. Is he measuring himself because those inches counts. His body is just adjusting to the fast weight loss. Hopefully he'll had a good loss next week
Hi janey, some ideas would be great for meal times and dinner for him to take to work, last week he had been having soup,rice in a bag,he can not have any more salad its too cold, and is fed up with it, and not so keen on jacket spuds. my hubby is more of a meat eater where i like rice,pasta.
many thanks :confused::confused::confused:
Will get my thinking cap on for him Julie. Just noticed you need 50 posts for me to pm you(I think thats it maybe 20, not sure) By the way does he like spicy stuff? Like Chilli and curry etc. Have a good few of them. Catch you soon. xx
yes he does like chilli , curry i make my own, having curry friday, had chilli last week. tonight chicken wrapped in bacon,new potatoes, broc & corn on cob. going to have shepards pie 1 night this week, im sort of on a 3 week rota with food but getting stalled, would love pizza & chips
Ever tried making your own pizza? If you get the shop bought pizza bases, the thinner ones, you can stick a lot of healthy stuff on there, i use passata as a base and sling a bit of herbs and garlic in with it. You can get reduced fat mozzarella or chedder. You can make potato wedges to go with. Spray oil is brilliant stuff, one cal a spray!! Par boil them and spary them with the oil and band them in the oven. Really nice. Have a couple of curry recipies, real low fat ones. Will stick them in here if you dont mind. And there are quite a few recipe threads on the forum for weight watchers and slimming world. they work on points and sins but they are sort of guaranted to be lower in cals and fat so they might help too. xxx


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good idea thanx

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