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Are there any ladies from the Lighterlife Huddersfield group on here that started on the 16 October (8pm group)?

I left lighterlife after two weeks and switched to Cambridge Diet.. thought it would be nice to catch up with the ladies from the group to see how its going after their first month.... holler if any of u are around?!!!!
Hi Kirstin
I am part of that group. I had to start the week after as I couldnt get my doc form signed. Are you the lady that wanted to run long distance again ??
Hi Jayne

Yes thats me!

Hows it going? Not sure if Joanne told everyone that I was switching to Cambridge Diet or not, I told her to wish everyone luck!

Thought it would be good to keep in touch for moral support if any of u were on here (especially since I don't get group support now, which is why I sought this site out)

How have u found ur first two - three weeks?
Ive done 3 weeks now and lost 17lb so its going well.
We were all wondering why you left because you seemed so motivated.. Dont think Jo told us you went over to Cambridge diet though ?
I gave this website address out on monday night to a couple of the girls so hopefully they will start to use it also. It is so good to have the extra support on her isnt it ?
You are doing great on the CDiet !!
Well will be running marathons again before you know it!!:)
I will tell the others you are posting on here , then they can come and have a natter with you. Hows the Cambridge diet in comparison ?
Oh yeah I never lost my motivation.. I just didn't really think LL was right for me.. I drove over to see the CD counsellor the day before the meeting at LL... to make sure I could switch without a break, because I couldn't bear the thought of it messing up the diet. But the CD counsellor was great, gave me two weeks worth of food packs (two weeks is the same price as one week at LL), so I was able to switch seamlessly.

I prefer the CD flavours.. although I only really enjoy the vanilla, choc, choc mint shakes and the tomato soup, didn't like any of the LL soups though and hated the bars.. the CD bars are nicer and there is a lot more choice... but I still don't like them - so i'm doing the diet solely on shakes and tomato soup! For me I thought LL was expensive for the actual level of counselling you got, plus on reading through the foundation book I struggled to find anything that I didn't already know.. I do appreciate that it was only two weeks into the diet when I left so I guess the level of counselling could get more intense.. but I decided not to hang around to find out!

As well as doing the CD diet I have now started training.. at present I'm only training for a 5K race in January - although I have to keep taking short breaks as I am having rework done on my tattoos on my back and I can't train when they're healing. Have also started toning exercises at the gym and also swimming - don't want any saggy bits!!!

Well done on your weightloss.. don't you think these diets are great!! I'm hooked lol! I love this site too... in the first two weeks I was always reading peoples blogs to see how they had coped with various different situations and looking at peoples before and after pics is amazingly motivating!

Hope some of the other girls do sign up to this site, would be good to hear from them, the group was the big thing I missed about LL! Say hi to everyone for me and keep in touch :)
I will tell everyone you are doing well and say Hi. One other lady left..the one who was talking about having a christmas dinner..other than that we are all still together. The CD packs sound a lot better than LL..
Well done for starting the training:) :)
Really glad to hear from you and lets see if we can get a few more from the group on !
Take care and keep up the good work xx
Thanks Kirstin Had a good one..4 and a half pounds . Im well chuffed with that. :) How have you done this week. ?
I told everyone you said Hi and they were so pleased to hear you are doing so well. They didnt know you had gone on CDiet ...didnt think they did.
Ive told them how great this website is so we'll see if any come on. Thanks for your support
Hi Jayne

Lost 4lbs this week.. although lost another 1lb since Monday afternoon when I weighed myself, 2 stone 3lbs total :) Am well happy.. I love it!!!!!!!

Thanks for saying hi to the rest of the girls.. hope some of them make it on here, its good to keep in touch :)
Hi Kirstin
Wow your picci on your avatar looks amazing. :D You look completely different. Well done !!
Im doing really well too. Havent cheated once and dont feel at all worried about xmas approaching.
I havent been on here much. My mums been really ill and is in hospital but its miles away so Ive been visiting her and looking after her house and dog as well as trying to look after my family.Im knackered and stressed BUT at least Im not eating or drinking to make myself feel better. Cant believe it LOL !!:D
Our little monday night group is dwindling down now. There are only five of us now but it means the counselling side is much more personal and everyone gets a chance to speak.Jo told us you have been keeping in touch with her and are doing well.:) I really cant believe the difference in your picture. Have your tatoos healed now and are you still running ? I really must start to exercise properly now !
Must go
Keep up the good work!!!

Love Jayne
Hey Jayne

Sorry to hear your mum is ill.. hope she starts to improve soon. Well done on sticking to the diet even with added worry to cope with. It is amazing how our reliance on food for a treat dwindles isn't it.... not I look on a vanilla shake as my treat of the day...!!!!!

Can't believe the group is down to five now! Is the lady (I can't remember her name) that did so well in her first week still doing it? She was so determined and motivated, so I hope she is.

I still can't get over how easy this diet is... it seemed so daunting in the first two weeks and now its like a way of life!

Just had my 4th tattoo session.. so i'm waiting for it to heal again (still got one more session left!).. pics are on my diary page (i'm all excited coz i look thin from the back!).. so the exercise is still ongoing.. but intermittent due to being scabby lol!!! The tattoo has healed really quickly this week though, so I intend to go back to gym tomorrow, which is only a week after the session :)

Running is still at the same level at mo, i find that i don't have a whole lot of energy to add to the running side of things.... but my swimming has really improved.. basically my energy levels are high but only for about 45mins,...they dwindle after that!

Keep it up, hope your mum improves soon and if i don't speak to you before have an excellent food free, alcohol free xmas lol!!

PS say hi to the remaining girls for me