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Huge challenge ahead...

Hi everyone

At the end of June I shall be facing the biggest challenge of the journey so far for me - Glastonbury!

Glasto is the highlight of my summer, and I would not miss it for the world. I thought I would face it a bit nearer the time, and now with 5 weeks to go, I guess it's time to work out a plan!

I'll be there for 5 days as we always go as early as we can. It will be Day 121 for me at this point and I will be in development. I don't expect to start management until August.

Initially I thought I would have a little break as could not see any way around the practical hurdles, but now I'm feeling so incredible and completely motivated to keep on going, I'm thinking why add an extra week (at least) in terms of getting to management goal, as a result of having 5 days of eating and drinking?

I know that if I do eat and drink then I will be on super cautious behaviour, but if there is a way around this then I want to stay in abstinence. Also, I just don't know what's going to happen to my bod with real food in it, or any booze for that matter! I've been completely 100% in abstinence so far.

The pro's
- I know that it's *imposible* not to have the greatest time at Glasto regardless of food and drink. The whole place is such a buzz and I will not require food or drink to have the best week of the summer.

- I can easily find hot water to make up soups, and the bars will be a godsend.

- I've had some massive challenges over the last 12 weeks and have got through them all (including a 10 hour flight in business class with nothing more than a bar and 2ltrs of water - now that was tough!!) I truly feel that I've broken through the feeling deprived barrier, so I'm pretty certain that I will not feel deprived or have any of those crooked thoughts around this when I'm there.

The con's
- There is no way I will be able to get through 4ltrs of water a day. If there are any fellow Glasto goers here at mini's, then it goes without saying the loo situation will just not support 4ltrs of water a day! Therefore I'm worried that I'm just going to be hungry - too hungry, and may be unwell due to energy levels or knock myself out of ketosis. The camping situation means that I cant predict how near or far I will be to a loo, and that feels pretty important just now!!

- The crazy upside down way of life on the site. No normal sleep patterns,
and just not being able to keep up with the pace on my little 500cals a day diet!

I can't stress enough that it really is the practicalities that I'm worried about, not the head stuff.

Any thoughts would be most appreciated. Glasto is always pretty unpredictable (well, except the state of the loos!), so I guess I'm trying to prepare for complete abstinence if possible and if I do have to have an alternative, what could that look like?

Please help!
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Its tough, and a hard one for me to help with as I have never been to Glas, but there is an interesting thread on the She-wee you could take a look at, as I think the loo business the the real difficulty here, as I presume drinking the water will not be a problem. It would be a shame to stay in absinance and not get a good loss becuase you cant risk drinking the water, so I would put all your efforts int solving that. I have just been on holiday and manged to lose 3lbs and your dead right about the planning being everything. The LL shaker and a little battery whisk I got from Ikea for 99p was my life saver. I hope you manage to sort it out. and have a brilliant time!

Fuzzys Angel

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In 3 weeks my son (razorblade love) & myself are off the the download festival at donnington park for 4 days. We have both decided that we are going to eat just once a day, hoping that it doesn't do too much damage. If it does......then hey just get straight back on track when we're at home. As for the water last year i got through gallons so i don't think that should be a major problem, the biggest problem will be festival food....Uh, not very healthy.

At the end of the day you need to do whats right for you. Have a great time....xxx
Thanks Fuzzy and Heaven
I'm definitely going with the aim to stick with it, and preparing for pretty much every eventuality!
Thanks so much for your comments :D
I'd def give the she wee a try and that would potentially solve the loo problem & still be able to do 4 litres a day! You can do it but may just have to go more gently than in previous years, just this once!!! Hope you resolve this for yourself!


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You need a plan B

Hi Tiger Girl,

I think you need a plan B. I think it is very sensible and realistic to recognise that Glastonbury is not a VLCD friendly scenario. I don't think it would be wise to try to stay SS if you can't take on board the water you will need. And if the weather is warm (like it was one year I was there) it will be a nightmare.

Have you considered 'going Atkins' for the 5 days? That would keep you in ketosis but enable you to survive in that environment? I don't know if you eat meat but there is always lots of that about and so long as you stay away from the carbs (and alcohol!!) you should be fine. You could take some Atkins and other low carb stuff with you and then it wouldn't matter so much that you can't do the 4ltrs.

I can't see how you could safely manage SS - so get a Plan B.

Don't let anyone tell you that you are "making excuses" for yourself - (that sort of thing drives me mad). You are right this is an issue of practicalities! Go girl! and have a ball :D
Thanks fatpossum
I think you're right - plan B is required. I dont want to get there, panic and mess it all up. And yes, it is a pain when you get the 'don't make excuses' thing! This definitely isn't that.
I'm hoping to have a totally different Glasto experience than ever before, ie a non mashed up one! I do eat meat (well, I think I remember a substance called meat which I once ate!) and there's always a great food choice there as oppose to the usual festival dirty burger options, so I think an atkins thing could be the answer.
Thanks for your post :thankyou:

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