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Huge struggle last night

Hi everyone

I'm new here and have really appreciated reading all this info from people on the same journey as me - who truly do understand.

Today I'm on Day 5 of LL. The weight is coming off but it has been hard. The nights are the worst as I'm ok whilst out and about during the day, but am so used to spending my evenings snacking in front of the TV.

Day 2 was hard, 3 was ok and then last night - end of Day 4 - I actually made plans to eat today cause I thought if I didn't I'd freak out a bit. I defrosted a piece of salmon to be able to eat if I needed it.

So far this morning I feel ok. But I have some questions if that's ok?

How many folk have eaten during abstinence and managed to keep it under control?
If the need to eat is overwhelming and I stuck to pure protein (fish or chicken on its own) wouldn't that preserve the state of ketosis?
Do you think it would have a huge effect on weight loss?

At the moment, the idea of not eating for a further 95 days is a bit overwhelming. But I have such a huge amount to lose that I need to maximise this time.

Any answers, info or encouragement of the "been there, done that" variety would be greatly appreciated.
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has started again!!
Hi Caro, Glad you have joined us!

I too have a very long journey ahead, I had over 10 stone to lose from the start. I have just had my 6 week WI and I lost 35lbs so far, which is a huge incentive to carry on. The first week is very hard, and although once ketosis kicks in it becomes easier, the psychological hunger becomes the demon you have to battle!

I have not eaten anything other than our packs, because I dont want to jeopardize my loss at all, and because £66 is a lot to waste if it does go wrong! I would try your hardest to resist the urge to eat at all. I think it might be the start of a slippery slope back to being a "foodie".

Your weekly meetings will give you lots of tools to deal with your hungers and food management. It really really works!

I actually managed to go out for a "meal" last week with OH and some friends, and did not cheat at all. I never would have thought I could do that 6 weeks ago.

Stick with it and beleive in yourself, you will do it and you will feel great. PM me if you want to chat, or some support. I am always available to spout my (dubious!!!) wisdom, and I will always need help too!

Best of luck, hang in there!



escaping the fat
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First off well done for starting the plan and getting through the first difficult days. The only way of getting through this is one day at a time, just have to grit your teeth somedays, keep busy and barge through those cravings. Whether that means taking up a hobby that keeps you hands busy or long baths or early nights, do whatever it takes. The problem with eating whle on this plan, even if it is just a bit of fish or chicken which wont knock you out of ketosis is controlling it. Now we can all say to ourselves " ill just do this once, i really need it" but in reality we cant just do it once because when we get away with a little nibble we will do it again but have a little more, then more again until we are eating everyday and gaining weight again. If we had the control to limit ourselves we wouldnt be big now would we? You can get through the cravings, the days will pass more quickly than you imagine and youll be far slimmer by the time summer gets here. Wait till you see your fantastic losses, thatll be all the incentive you need to keep going. Good Luck Carokokos.


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Dont eat, as soon as you eat something you will be on the slippery slope to weight gain.
I too felt the same as you, I picked at slices of ham, or a nibble of cheese, nothing major you would think......but it takes you out of ketosis and the mind then has a hold on your mouth again and it is an absolute nightmare trying to get back on track.
The weight loss slows right down or even stops.....therefore making you fed up and wanting to eat more......so its not worth it.
I have only just got back on track since January......please stick to it 100% as it is sooo not worth it.

Good luck xx


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Carokokos I'd say please try and not eat, it will knock you out of ketosis and that will make the whole thing harder for you. I honestly haven't ate anything since I started and I know myself and know that if I did pick at something once I would continue to pick and try to kid myself that it wasn't affecting my weight loss.

I know it can be hard but I think the best thing is to just try and get through it one day at a time :)

My tip that got me through the first 3 days:

Keep thinking - this diet WILL work. Stick to it, you WILL SHRINK.

How excited are you feeling about your first weigh in?

Remember, you're likely to have an AMAZING first loss... keep thinking about how cool AND how MUCH of a loss you're gonna have....

Keep thinking positive.

If you stick to it - you'll be shocked that first time you go back to your LLC...! Remember that!!!
I promise you that the first week is the hardest, the first few days some people suffer a littel ( Lathergy, headaches etc). My partner was very unsupportive in the begining. However, within four weeks i had lost two stone and he started to realise i was serious. I have now lost eight stone on this programme, i have never eaten even once. I have five stone left to go until i am a healthy BMI. In the first place the motivation you need, you get from getting on those scales and knowing you have never lost that volume of weight on any other diet. For me .... after that, i tell myself, this is my choice to do this, i want this more than i want food. My partner is now also on the programme he has lost four stone in six weeks..... (They lose it quicker than women.....dagnamit) I think focus is the key, and asking yourself how much you want this? On the difficult days i just look at my record book and tell myself that this is short term. When i lose the weight i can eat and not feel like i did when i was heavier. I wish for you all the strength and support in the world. Talk to your counsellor, if she has done the programme herself she should be able to understand what you are going through and might be more of a support if she knows you are lacking it from others in your life. xxx
Carol I know exactly how you feel. I am only on Day 2 and I feel dreadful. I am desperate for anything crisp or biscuit like.

My head is throbbing and I'm dizzy and faint. I'm trying to keep as active as I can, keeps my mind off the food.
That crisp / biscuit could prevent you from having the BIG loss you deserve.

Don't have it - and think how good you'll feel after saying "No!" to yourself...

Remember, you're gonna shrrrrrrink very faaaaast - just concentrate how HAPPY I guarentee you'll feel once you're at your first weeks weigh in.

Theres nothing quite like the excitement of that very first weeks loss!!!
Hey there Carokokos.

I have been on LL for 5 weeks and yes its hard you will want to eat, but take 1 day at a time and take the feeling you have on weigh day when the LLC tells you you have lost home with you put in the front of you mind so every time you go near the fridge or cupboard you will see it and know "Well if I eat I will not lose"

Keep it going its worth it.
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Almost everyone who eats finds it really difficult to get back into properly. I took a short break just after new year and I've faffed about ever since. I'm almost there now but I've wasted a lot of time and money.... I would have been finished probably about 6 weeks ago if I'd never done it..

Its very very difficult to stop once you start.

Wishing you all the best



Trainee Maintainer
Well Carokokos,

You've heard it from the experts... DON'T DO IT!

Sonkie and Mags know from experience that it just makes everything even more difficult, and the weight loss takes so much longer.

The question to ask yourself is this...

What is the worst thing that will happen if you DON'T give in to your craving for food?

You will feel deprived, fed up, anxious, desperate, probably thoroughly p***ed off for a while. Tomorrow morning you will wake up and be thankful that you stayed strong because you know that you will succeed in losing the weight and this time keeping it off.

What is the worst thing that will happen if you DO give in to your craving for food?

You will feel sated for a moment, but just a moment because after that the feelings of guilt that you've 'cheated' will surface, you will realise that you made a mistake, you will berate yourself for being weak, and will go to bed miserable. You will wake up tomorrow morning fearful that you may screw it up again. You'll be out of ketosis so will have to deal with feeling hungry, and feeling unhappy about cheating.

Which do you prefer.

"am so used to spending my evenings snacking in front of the TV."

Do something else in the evenings. Change your routine.

You have committed a lot to do this programme and IT DOES WORK IF YOU WORK IT.

"the idea of not eating for a further 95 days is a bit overwhelming"

Yes it is. It was for me too. I just thought a day at a time. I didn't dare think of the long months ahead.

However, here I am just a couple of weeks short of finishing Management, reduced from a size 24 to a 12 (even bought a couple of tops in a size 10 yesterday). It's a miracle!!!!

I didn't eat once. I didn't dare, I had too much to lose. This programme is not like any other you have tried. If you follow the rules i.e. four packs a day and 4 litres of water a day and nothing else, attend the weekly meetings, do the homework, take the advice and support offered, you WILL SUCCEED.

Yes, the early days are difficult, yes it can be boring, yes it can play havoc with your social life or family life, but like anything worth achieving, there is always some form of sacrifice in the present for the promise of future success. Its called deferred gratification, like driving lessons = passing test, revising for exams = passing exams.

Have a think about what you really want, and take it one day at a time.

Best of luck!
Hang in there until your stop-in. Tell yourself that the salmon will wait till then. I promise you after your first weigh-in you will chuck the salmon away. (It will have gone off by then anyway!!)
You can keep it up for 3 or 4 days, if you were unwell you could cope for that length of time without eating. After 3 or 4 days you won't feel hungry anymore anyway.
Everyone - thanks so much for the rush of help and support. This seems to be such a friendly place and I really appreciate it.

Morning of day 6 and all is ok - haven't eaten that is. To be honest the other thing that's kept me going apart from all your comments has been the fact that I weighed myself at home. In 5 days I've lost just over 12 lbs (yikes!) and that's been a real boost.

AmandaJayne - some of what you said re the worst thing that will happen if I don't give in vs the worst if I do struck home and made a lot of sense - thank you. Will carry that round in my head.

Wishing you all a great Sunday. I'm off to keep busy as I reckon that will be my way through the next few months!


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D'you know what, Carokokos,

That very fact that you ASKED FOR HELP meant that you wanted it. I used to blank out any thoughts of stopping when I wanted to eat, that was before LL of course.

Your attitude will go a long, long way to helping you get the best out of LL, and I think you will be fine!

Have a great day!
Firstly humongous hugs! The first week is hell (see my blog!) but it does get easier! Miraculously I am now on day 11 & still not a scrap that shouldnt has passed my lips! DONT EAT! If you want food try doing one the the recipes and make some biscuits etc out of the foodpack. Also I try not to think ofthe 100 days because it is overwhelming - just focus on getting through each day & before you know it you'll be on day 11! It does work! Set yourself some goals, non food treats and hang in there! It will be worth it!

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