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Humble Pie....

Well after a miserable 3 weeks on Weight Watchers I've come back to slimming world offering to eat a huge slice of humble pie :eek:

I'm fed up of counting, fed up of being bleeping hungry and fed up of pre-packaged/ready meals! No more!

I've got another 3st and 5lbs to lose and I'm going to get there. I think I see why I was maintaining on sw before - greed.
Lowered portion sizes etc and now I seem to be flying again.

Hope you'll have me back? :p

Siobhan :family2:
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glad your back on slimming world you done great with your losses so far :)
Thanks Gemma :) I've had a baby inbetween but since March last year lost 20% of body weight using SW but switched to WW after 7 maintains. xx
Welcome back! and congrats on sticking out WW for 3 weeks! - i deflected this week to the special k two week kick start, couldnt even follow it properly and am back on sw after only a week.. certainly makes you appreciate sw more, and start again on afresh outlook doesnt it!


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Welcome back and good luck! I have to say that since my first few weeks with SW I have probably reduced my portions sizes a bit, but I still eat enough to keep me full. If you start reducing portion sizes too much you may start craving other foods, so it's just about making the wise choices for your meals and filling up with more superfree/free foods. Also try drinking more water :) You can do it!
Welcome back onboard hun, and well done on sticking to WW for three weeks! It gives you a fresh outlook on all things SW doesn't it? I could never go back to points counting and all that palaver now I've been on SW. Onwards and downwards!
I do that sometimes when i get bored of fruit and yoghurts!!

I switch back to scottish slimmers which i done after having my wee boy, i lost 2 stone mind you, and after a day of being hungry i think 'stuff this' and go back to SW... defo cant beat it IMO.


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Welcome back!!!
I just reached a point with it where I was trying to save around 10/12 for evening meal etc and ended up eating rubbish absolute rubbish and going over almost every day - which lead to guilt - which lead to more eating crap!!



likes to eat!
Good luck on your weight loss journey, I have only been doing SW since Feb and I love it.

Previously did Weight Management, think it is called Scottish Slimmers now, and that is similar to WW, points are called checks though.

I love the freedom of SW and have so far recruited 4 of my friends/family!!
Its harder going on weight watchers - good in that you can have a bit of rubbish in the diet, which I think everyone craves but bad, in that I felt restricted big time in what I could eat as far as meals went! I'm a greedy cow ha ha xxxxx

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