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Hunger advice


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Hi everyone

I was about something that was discussed in group last week and thought Id ask for your opinions. I suppose is basically about hunger? Do you really feel proper hunger whilst in abstinence? One woman reckons that she really does but we all said that you just 'think' you are hungry but that you're not really.

So I've put it to the test tonight and think that maybe she's correct. I normally have my packs at the same time every day and don't have any problem at all with hunger but yesterday I was late getting home and I was literally convinced that I was starving! I was almost panicky, well not quite but you know what I mean. So today I've left it even longer and honestly feel like I could eat a horse!

I really need to get to the bottom of these feelings because THIS is exactly how I feel when I'm about to overeat. When I pick up something I shouldnt in the supermarket to scoff in the car on the drove home, or when I've had a few drinks in the evening and am convinced I NEED food. It's almost like I feel desperate, manic almost. At the moment it's fine cause I can have my soup but back in the real world of food it's a different story.

I'm not so naive to think that this could solve everything but it could help?

Does any of this sound familiar or should I call for the men in white coats?
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I used to get that feeling if I has left a shake late. Drinking water helps, a lot x


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I personally think it's habitual and not starvation or hunger with myself.

The constant supply of water also helps xx

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Yep, I think it's habit too. When you are in ketosis you don't feel real hunger.
I also believe it could be something to do with thinking about it and analysing it, then you can't think of anything else.
Just try and get in a routine, think of the packs as a means to an end, not a substitute for a meal. When you think you might feel hungry have a drink instead. You'll be so busy going to the loo you won't have time to think about eating!
Distraction technique is also good until it becomes a habit again - go for a walk, phone a friend, have a bath, come on here or if it really gets tough - go to bed.
You've done it before Twinny. You know all this really. xx


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Thanks ladies.

Perhaps you're right SB I am overanalysing the feelings. My LLC told the lady who said she was experiencing hunger to work with the feelings but I just felt like I was breaking into a sweat lol. A cup of coffee did help but not completely.

It did make me realise though that those are exactly the feelings I had in the past before piggingout on something. Almost like a desperate need. previously I would have eaten something, had a glass of wine, or lit a cigarette - all classic mood alterers.


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hey twinny, i have been thinking about something similar recently as well.. I always got it into my head that if i didnt eat my packs I would be dizzy and faint...and then i would feel like that...one day i didnt get my packs at the usual times and there was probably a gap of about 10 hours in between, and i was fine...after that i realised it is mind over matter, totally. I've tried shifting my routine around as well to keep me on my toes and stop me thinking that just because i dont have a pack, im not going to be dizzy, hungry or faint...i can survive, everything will be fine, i just need a drink and to chill. I can be quite hard on myself, and i think this tough love approach has really helped me. But again its personal to your journey, just maybe push yourself to think about whats behind it, and in the packs. If you were genuinely in hunger or starvation your body would have reacted by now...so i tend to tell myself that as a mantra to stop me thinking negatively and that everything will be great. xxx


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That's really interesting Pixie thanks. I also don't think I do myself any favours by having the packs the way I do. I have my first soup at lunchtime, then I have another when I get home from work immediately followed by a bar:confused: then I have a final soup at about 9pm.

I do this because I am always 'hungrier' in the evenings but I should be trying to break these habits shouldn't I?

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