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Hunger pain!?

S: 12st5lb G: 8st13lb
Hope someone can help me! Yesterday and today i feel really hungry, not in my head but in my stomach. ive got hunger pains and that empty feeling even though i have eaten now.
I woke up starving and had to have my breakfast easly at 7, ususlly i have it after 8.30 and now already ive got the empty hungry feeling agian. i had this yesterday to.
Im not eating less than usual or done anythign diffrent:confused:
Whats going on!?
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i will be slim
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you could be thirsty!!

sometimes we can mistake hunger for being thirsty !!
S: 12st5lb G: 8st13lb
but actual hunger in your stomach?


i will be slim
S: 33st1lb C: 30st1lb G: 17st0lb BMI: 60.4 Loss: 3st0lb(9.07%)
it can feel the same as hunger!!!

ive had days like that before when no matter what i eat im still hungry!!

i normally try having loads of fluids instead to feel me up!!

Mrs V

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I would have to agree with the thirst as well.
Try drinking a bit more water during the day and also throw in a few either EE days or Green to give you some things for your body to work on.
I must admit there are some days when I wake up feeling really hungry and then other days where I dont have anything to eat until 11.30.
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Agree about the thirst.
I find that I feel much 'hungrier' when it is warmer! Try sparkling water - if you still feel hungry then you should eat. x
I find that when the time of the month is nearly here....All i want to do is eat and nothing fills me. I find it worse when doing SW so i stock up on fruit and yogurts (boring i know) and something warm on my tummy helps alot stops my tummy feeling empty. Hope this helps.

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I agree with the drinking to stop hunger - as well as water, I like my tea and coffee and use my HA milk allowance for this. Sometimes a hot drink is more satisfying than just water.

I also keep a good stock of syn free yogurts for when I feel hungry - you don't just need to stick to Muller Lite - try Shape feel fuller longer yogs - they are thicker and creamier, so more satisfying.
S: 12st5lb G: 8st13lb
Thanks everyone, ive actually drank more than i usually do anyway and still nothing. Im going to just have to do my best and have more syns that i wanted (still under 10 tho) just to see me through the day.
I agree might be thirst, have a drink and if your still hungry after 15 mins or so have a snack on some fruit. Its warm so you may be using more of the fluids you are putting in than normal


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I get this, I suffer with Acid Reflux and this is one of the symptoms believe it or not.
I can eat my dinner at 1.00pm and then get really bad hunger pains at 2.00pm. No matter what I do, eat or drink water it does not go :(
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what about making a syn free soup ? then you get lots more liquid in and free foods :)

S: 12st5lb G: 8st13lb
Hey everyone,
just to let you know the pains are easing now!
I think i really was just hungry and my body needed it. I had my lunch early too and ate all of it and a bakewell tart i shouldnt have had but once i had eaten enough the pains have gone. Thank god!
I guess we jsut do have to listen to our bodies, i guess it knows best right?


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I think i really was just hungry and my body needed it....
I guess we jsut do have to listen to our bodies, i guess it knows best right?
Indeed. Our energy requirements are not always constant - your metabolism could be revving up a bit, I found this happened from time to time as my weight went down. It could be that you've just used up a bit more energy than usual and your body is sending you the signal to replace it. :)


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Glad your feeling better!

I went a bit haywire on SW and started to starve myself, and as a result I got really bad cramp. I'm a complete idiot, I know. But when I started eating properly again, they didn't go. I went to the doctors and it turns out they were really bad period pains. What I'm saying is, it could have been something else, so if you get it again, get it checked out!