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Hunger Pains...

Has anyone got an tips of how to stop the hunger pains?!

First day today and I thought I was doing well but I've a hungry tum :) I've eaten my lunch (chicken sandwich & banana) and I've nothing left and my thoughts are of all the naughty things like chocolate in the vending machine downstairs that is a big no no!!
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Drink loads of water, then drink some more! If nothing else the frequent trips to the loo will keep you occupied.
You can do this-keep up the good work.
Suzi :)


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Hun if you are at work all day I would take some snacks.

What about some carrot sticks or some fruit?



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Definitey have some no point or very low point snacks to hand for desperate times! I find sparkling water is quite good too for staving off hunger pangs. Give it a bit of time and your tum will shrink a bit and you'll be less hungry ;)

Just a thought - are you doing points or core? If core, you may not be eating large enough portions to satisfy your appetite.

Heaps of luck with your weight loss :)

I can of fizzy drink (diet!) such as coke zero is always good for a hungry moment - I always feel quite bloated after a whole can so it takes the edge of that feeling of being hungry.

The suggestions you've already had are all good ones too - you shouldn't be hungry on ww, you should have plenty of points to satisfy your appetite. If the food you're eating is still leaving you hungry then maybe you could experiment with different meal ideas and makes your points stretch a bit further.

Good luck!


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I agree with having snacks readily available. I found the first few weeks the most difficult and was quite hungry at times!! - I kept a pack of melba toast in my drawer (1pt for 6!!) and munched on them whenever I felt hungry - basically to prevent me feeling so hungry that Id fall off the wagon and eat the wrong thing!!!


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I agree, keep some low point snacks to hand, drink loads of water and in a few days your stomach will have adapted and you will sail through!! Keep at it, it will be worth it in the end!!


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Can't add anything that hasn't already been said pinky, but just wanted to drop in and see how you're doing.

Hope the hunger pains have passed.
thanks everyone...

Yes I'm at work all day so I guess in a way it's handy cause I can't reach for the kitchen cupboard when I'm feeling hungry during the week but then the vending machines downstairs is the down side!!

I've bought in some carrot sticks today to munch if I start to feel hungry again, it's 10am and 3pm that gets me, my little nibble time which I am trying to cut out!! Yesterday I only had a sandwich and banana for lunch so I guess it wasn't enough.

Are melba toasts really 6 = 1 point?! I thought they were 1 point each, I bought some yesterday!

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