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Hungry after eating?? ss+


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I go to the gym about 5 times a week and I'm doing ss+ on those days. When I come back I don't feel hungry (on most days) but I have some chicken and veg. As soon as I finish I actually feel hungrier than before?!! Real hunger pangs! I should feel full. I don't understand why? I had to drink 3 bottles of water just now for it to go away.

It feels like my body is trying to make me it eat more... thats really worrying!! If it is anyone know why??

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even the recommended veg in the recommended quantities contain carbs - and carbs can trigger hunger. maybe try just white protein and see if it still happens?


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Hi, If you are doing ss+ you should not be going to the gym 5 times a week (especially if your doing cardio). You are finding yourself hungry as you are not eating enough for the amount of exercise you are doing. Really if you are at the gym that much you should step up to a higher plan.
Hope that helps, perhaps speak to your consultant as I do not know any of your statistics but I know that you shouldnt be doing that much exercise on SS+.


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Hi, thanks for the replies!

I lost 2 stone with doing just SS and I want to lose 3 more. I started exercising 2 weeks ago as I want to tone up as I lose. I do 1hour and 20 minutes (more when lifting weights) and I enjoy it... but I do feel extremely tired and lethargic when I get home. Its not that I feel hungry after working it, its just after I eat. My body is asking for more! That really scares me.

Am I right in thinking that exercising affects weightloss? Slows it down? My cdc just said to drink more water so I dont retain any.
She also said going to the gym is not recommended on cambridge but if I want to do it its okay, just listen to my body.


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I will be checking my weight every month just incase exercising does affect it... afterall its how much you lose in a month that counts on CD
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i would be careful with exercise on SS+. i would definitely either eat more on exercise days (810 portions) or cut down/change the type of exercise.

a good type of exercise to do at this stage is toning type stuff or something like swimming rather than heavy weights or lots of cardio. if you think about it body builders eat loads because they're trying to build muscle. you can't build muscle without enough food.

some exercise might slow down weight loss but it should speed up inch loss. however, i think if you are doing too much exercise for the amount of food you are having it could slow down both because your body basically can't cope.
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I'd be inclined to take the advice given by Curlywurly!! After all, she's a trained counsellor, even though she did say that she didn't know you personally. Does your counsellor know you are doing so much exercise?? She told you to listen to your body, but I'm wondering why you aren't doing so? You are feeling so hungry because you are doing too much on SS+ I'd guess. Just be very careful, because if you don't your body will scream at you until you do heed it's warnings! ;) It's not all about weight loss, it's about remaining healthy and following the advice of Cambridge, who do not recommend doing too much exercise while on one of the lower plans. Your health should be your priority.
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My counsellor has stressed to me to only do light exercise, and I'm on SS. I have an exercise bike/cross-trainer and she's said that a bit of light exercise on that is fine but not to overdo it, so I'm doing 20 mins every other evening at a low pace just to keep my fitness up.

Pretty sure 5 days in the gym will be tiring your body out and definitely causing it to hang onto whatever calories it can, so lower weight loss :(
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5 X a week!!! are you mad!!!!! you need to cut down on that first. no wonder your feeling hungry!

my cdc said to me not to do any exercise! she said your body will be going through enough as it is... and it will burn fat no matter what you do so dont bother with the hard work out. she said do toning if i want but thats it.


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Thanks guys, you've given me a lot to think about!! It did occur to me that I'm doing too much but I don't like the idea of giving up. I will cut down on it then because I don't really want to move up the plan or cause any harm to my body.

I thought that I have enough fat in me to keep me going, so it would be okay if I exercise this much without much food??

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