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Hungry all the time...why??


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I could do with some advice. I have been very good on SF and I make sure I have my calories evryday, and I have been exercising well and drinking between 2 and 4 ltrs of water a day as well as tea coffee and fruit tea.

The problem is for the last week or so I have been permenantly hungry and I don't know why. I am not doing anything different to a feww weeks ago and I wasn't hungry then.

I just don't know what is making me so hungry or why. If anyone can help I would be very grateful as this is really starting to get to me. :(:(
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Hi Lind :) Not advice i'm afraid but wanted to let you know you are not alone... i've been the same for the last week or so :( It's taken every inch of willpower not to raid the cupboards! Last night I felt like I hadn't eaten for weeks! and I haven't done anything different to the last 3 months


Is feeling the love!
I would love to know what's going on. My hubby said it must be something to do with the clocks changing! :) But thats his answer for everything, even why he snores! :D
Lol! :D Same here,wish I knew why :confused: This has been the first time I have struggled to stick to the diet, and I don't like feeling like this one bit :( Last night all I could think about was food! I thought it would be easier when the nicer weather got here, I never eat so much when its sunny, but yesterday was gorgeous here and it was my hardest day yet :(


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The exercise means you're burning more calories therefore maybe you're hungry because your body 'wants' you to eat more? TOTM? Are you stacking your plate full of veg with your dinner? (that helps to fill you up)
Sorry but other than that maybe its just your body saying it wants you to eat more at the mo.....
I also have no answers but these are definately the same questions I have been asking myself! I have unfotunately just not had the will power to not eat. Today has been hard as I am stticking to it 100% and all I want is food.

Im just glad Im at workand not at home where I can get my hands on food thats in the cupboard!


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lind, whether your hubby is right or not, i'm also struggling big time at the mo but decided i would go all out and be 100% today which so far i have. cannot explain or give you any more advice than has been said just hopefully we will get through this! Be strong x


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If you're struggling to stick with the plan 100% could you not substitute the shakes for healthy food alternatives? A tuna salad for lunch - or ham salad roll? Tesco do a good range of healthy eating options that you could have for lunch without ruining the diet. I did this some days at the beginning of the year and still had good losses.


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Well, I've stuck to it 100% today. Because I am a stay at home mummy I had my main meal at about 3.30pm when I suffer the most. I am going to have a banana about 7pm and so far I am feeling a bit less hungry.
I have decided to try eating my main meal at lunch times and then having a meal bar for tea and we'll see how that goes.
But it's still really anoying, I have been doing so well and I just don't understand why I am feeling this hungry now. :(


One 100% day at a time!
I am sooo glad I'm not the only one!!! I've been really struggling for the last week or so, and was a bit ashamed of falling back into old habits to come on here to be honest:( I've been eating non stop for the last little while. Last night was the last straw when I ate a whole bag of Doritos to myself - the big ones - and ended up in tears because I was so disappointed in myself. My hubby is a saint by the way to be putting up with me and my grumpiness lately. I luckily have only gained a pound since falling off the wagon- and have a had a really good day today and I am determined to stick to it. Lind, you are not on your own, by far. Hope you all are well:)
I knew I was gonna do it and I have :( So cross with myself :mad:
I've been out tonight to watch my sons band, had a great night, a few vodkas and diet cokes...but not too many. W hen I got home just now I was so hungry that it hurt, no way could I go to bed like that! So ended up eating 5 crackerbreads with WW tuna and sweetcorn.. and then a crunch corner muller yogurt! Why did I eat the yogurt? just because it was there! :mad:
Going to be 100% good tomorrow cos I know how easy it is for me to slip and go on a 2 week eating binge and undo all that hard work :(
Sorry for the essay :eek: just hoping that when I read this back in the morning it will remind me how crap i'm feeling now!


in my dreams!!!!!!
oh hun, don't be so hard on yourself. its not as if you went on a massive binge and ate eveything in sight :copon:

you just had a little slip and looking at your fab loss don't think it will hurt one bit! just get back on it today and put it behind you :hug99: you're an inspiration to us all and it just goes to show you're human as well not this et who puts us all to shame :8855:


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Hello lovely people. I am not feeling too bad today. I think it's helps so much knowing that other people go through the same things too.

Someone from another area on here mailed me and said that lean muscle takes more calories to function than fat does, and it could be that as my body is gaining more lean muscle because I am exercising it may mean that I need more cals. So I am going to make a fruit salad thats about 300 cals and much on it during the day.

Much better frame of mind today!!

How is everyone else feeling today?
Hey Lind Im glad your feeling better about things today!

I too am feeling a bit more positive today! I went home last night and did some stomach crunches and then got under the bed and found my 1kg weights (yes piddly I know by boyfriend laughed when he saw them) and dusted them off fo some excercises to tone up my tuck shop lady arms :character00115:

After reading on here yesterday everyone was feeling similar to me I decided that maybe increasing my excercise was what needs to be done and then thats at least an hour when I wont be thinking of food.

Today I had weetbix and skim miolf for breaky but plan to stick to one shake and an evening meal and 3 snacks. I think this has worked as Im not feeeling the need for food like the past week.

I just hope I saty this motivated!


One 100% day at a time!
Hey Lind - glad you are having a better day. Me too - I have decided for the time being to only replace 1 meal a day with SF, and have a bowl of cereal or something that is the same cals as the shake. I think I just need a bit of normalness for a bit. I am starting a running programme on Monday, and go on the exercise bike every day - so this will hopefully all balance out. Also - what are everyones fave meals to eat in the evening withink the 600 cal guidelines?;)


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my usual 600 cal dinners...
Quorn mince - spag bol, chilli con carne
Quorn chicken bits, curry, stirfry, if i've been very good/feel naughty have a satay
chicken - curry
slow cooker - sausage casserole or chicken tonight and then have potatoes or rice


One 100% day at a time!
Sattsy - you may be my long lost twin - I think we just posted the same thing! Hahaha!
Lili - thanks for that, going to have chicken salad tonight - and perhaps sausage casserole tomorrow. Is nice to get other peoples ideas for meals sometimes. I find end up making the same thing a lot....
Hey Nikkinack how you going with the cereal for breakfast? Im feeling a lot better about it! Im also finding myself less hungry during the morning! Mind you its only day 2 of having cereal but Im sure all will be good! On Saturday Im thinking instead of cereal of having a grilled bacon and tomatoe sandwich as a treat.


One 100% day at a time!
Hey! I feel a lot better with having cereal for breakfast. I'm a lot less hungry, yet still taking in the same calories if I were to be having a shake. I find it gets me through the afternoon slump amazingly. Same as you, it's only been 2 days, but I feel a heck of a lot better than I did a week ago. We'll see what the scales say - hopefully it will be good, as I have more energy for exercise and my mind set is a bit better. What cereal are you having? I'm a rice crispies fan - with a bit of half spoon sugar on top (only 8 cals for a half of a teaspoon). For a big bowl with skim milk, this is still under 200 cals!
I have 2 weetbix and 100ml of skim milk. Only 160 calories. But I also have a juice or coffee with it. Im hoping for a loss this week! Im also hoping that not only will I lose but I will lose what I gained last week and an extra pound or 2 :)

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