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hungry and fed up lol


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hi guys,

iv been doing TS for 8 weeks now and this week i put on 1lb even though i had been 100% with nothing but water and packs????!! :eek:
i feel really down hearted and am now debating whether to eat a chicken breast because i have been feeling so hungry this week and fed up with it all but dont want to sabatage myself it really is a case of my lil angel and devil fighting with each other!
it is time of the month next week so was thinking this may be the cause or is my body telling me to do add a meal for the week? so confused, its also my hubbys birthday tomorro and am also wondering whether to have the day off so we can go out somewhere for dinner, and a cheeky piece of his birthday cake, although he wont mind eitherway because he is very supportive,
for now im just glugging at my sparkling water hoping this helps
sorry about the moan :sigh:
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hi jubes,
if u have been so good for 8 weeks u deserve a break, if i was u i would enjoy myself tomorrow, and get back on it straight away, your loss has been good so far, 1 treat won;t harm u, and u deserve it. don't be too hard on yaself. x good luck


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If you didn't add a meal in week 5 maybe you could do it now. I don't know how the body works but I do know that whatever diet you do at some point you have a lull like this. Maybe a bit of high protein/low carb is what you need.


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thanks guys- il see how i feel tomorro and decide my plan of action then!
i managed to stay strong tonight by trying my dresses on i brought for a wedding at the end of august and it really cheered me up, they are fitting me better each time :)
Jubles, you certainly deserve a night out, you have been really good for 8 weeks and looking at your ticker you do not have far to go at all, your BMI is tremendous, not sure what your weight is now but judging by your bmi you must be quite slim. Go out and enjoy yourself, the programme says to add a meal at week 5 anyway unless you are being monitored by a doctor in which case you can go to week 12.
Hi Jubles well done on your weight loss. I think that I read somewhere that you're not meant to do Exante as a total source if your BMI is less than 25. At this stage you are meant to introduce other food into your diet anyway. I'm sure others will correct me if I'm wrong.


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No, you are right about that - 25 is the lowest you should go when doing TS so it is probably your body's way of saying - feed me!!!
Just don't go mad with the cake lol
Bren xx


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If you want to eat something have something , treat your self and the nxt day go back to total i had the weekend off last week ate alot and drank alot still lost 2lbs it was worth it too had a brill nite out on my partners birthday . You have got to trust your self xx


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i had been sighned off by my doc for the LL diet but then decided to do this instead which is why i was gonna go till the 12 weeks.
you guys are totally right i think now im getting closer to target i should start adding a meal.... :) exiting stuff

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