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Hungry at same times


Not evil at all
Morning all

It's just after 11am and it's my hungriest half hour of the day! However I usually ignore the hunger cos I don't like to eat lunch until after 12pm. I have breakfast at work when I get in at 8am, so why am I hungry 3 hours later? Same time every day (except weekends).. anyone else get that? I know I should just eat but I'll only be hungry later on if I do :(
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Becca Wecca

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I'm practically the same as you! get in work for 8 have breakfast then and by around 11 i'm famished! we don't have our lunch till 12.30 so i usually take enough fruit or a yoghurt to have around that time. else my belly won't stop rumbling!


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why dont you have an apple, bananna or orange or some grapes?
I had my brekkie the same time and got a bit peckish at 10 so had an orange im about to have a apple then have my lunch at about 12.30 then will prob be hungry again an hour or two later so will have some grapes and a muller light.


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Are you eating the right things for breakfast that will sustain you? I find that porridge with some chopped fruit to bulk it out or eggs and v. low fat sausages (and/or baked beans if I have time) really fill me up for hours, but if I just have fruit and yogurt, or a less filling bowl of cereal, I'm hungry 2-3 hours later! I work nights and have a nice filling meal between 12midnight and 1am and no matter how much I eat I'm always ravenous between 4 and 5 in the morning to the point where I'm nauseous- I find I'm needing to tuck into a Mugshot or bowl of porridge- I take them in for this very moment! Perhaps we all have our own certain times of the day/night! I say if your body tells you to eat, eat!!X


Not evil at all
I usually have a piece of fruit at 8am and am fine through til lunchtime with that, but the past couple of days I've had magic porridge and been starving by 11am. I just spoke with one of the guys I work with and he's said that whenever he eats porridge the same thing happens to him - could be the porridge?!

I might bring in some fruit to graze on next time I do the porridge for brekky. Sometimes I'm just too busy to eat at these times, you know what works like if people see you eating they assume you're not working lol.

Thanks for your replies tho :D