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hungry, hungry, hungry

Oh I'm so hungry tonight I feel sick. I've got major hunger pangs and even though I keeping sipping from my water bottle, they won't go away.

I keep telling myself off for being so miserable, as there are genuine starving people in the world - but it's not taking the feelings away either.

I really want scrambled eggs :(:(:(
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have you had all your shakes?
if yes, either o to bed, or do something to take your mind of it. (or drink some hot black coffee/tea.)
if no, get a hot shake down you.
Hopefully you'll be feeling better now. I felt exactly the same as you last night. I even had a good cry. I came on here and posted a bit then had a good look through all the before and after photos to remind me of why I was doing this. It got me through it. I know there are going to be more tough times, but I just have to keep reminding myself how I'd feel if I let all my hard work so far slip. I've never had willpower like this before. I have to keep reminding myself how good I'll feel when I'm slim. Today is another day closer to where I want to be :)


I can do this.
don't give up... it will be worth it in the end.
Thanks all.
I did manage to get through it last night. But today again, I'm feeling deprived because I didn't get to have a nice mothers day lunch. Can't wait until tomorrow, I'm much better during the week.
I was fine today. I knew I was going to feel deprived of my Sunday roast, so hubby cooked it and dished it up. While they were eating I had a lovely shower and pampered myself. By the time I came down all the evidence was gone :)


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I always find i get hungry late evenings so i try and drink lots off water all in one go and find it does help.:eatdrink023:
Be very careful doing this (that's how that woman on LL died - she drank pints of water all in one go, and her brain swelled and killed her). :eek:

The day I started this diet, I drank a big glass of cold water and was nearly sick. Since then I've only drunk my water hot, or (mild) black coffee or hot tea. It really does assuage the hunger, and you don't feel like you're drowning! (I have everything hot except obviously mousses - shakes, the lot. Hot is more meal-like!) :p

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