Hungry, weak and weepy...


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Hello all,

On day five - nearly six given the time - and I've been completely strict. No cheating, drinking all my water. But I feel awful. Could eat my arm I'm that hungry and so weak as well. Having strange pains in my stomach and weepy as well. Please tell me all this goes away soon! Did LL before and never felt like this.
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It could be the fact that you body is coming down from the sugar and high carbs from your previous diet. On any of the plans you see us following, there are side effects in the beginning such as headaches, moody swings, spots, and dicky tums.

But on the other hand, if you are feeling weak, there may be something far more serious. Did you go to the doctor before you went on the plan? You never know if you may have an underlying condition that your plan may be affecting. Your best bet is to call NHS direct on 0845 4647 and tell them the details of your diet and your symptoms. The nurses get it all the time and understand your concerns so don't fret.

I've never done CD to be honest so personally, I can't tell you if it's normal or not, you will have to ask the other CD followers here but if you are that ill, it's far better to get it sorted. At the end of the day, your health is very important.

Hope you feel better soon X


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Hi ciwti

I had a very rough time getting into CD (I started 4 Jan) which was made worse by having a cold. I really thought that I would have to give up. But it all turned around for me on day 5 and I knew everything would be ok. I am now just into day 8 and feeling great.

Hope that you can get through this. What worked for me was plenty of rest, hot drinks, taking it easy. Luckily I was at home for the whole week. I had dreadful hunger and weakness. I did worry a little bit about whether trying to start CD and having a cold meant that I was putting a strain on my health, fortunately I have trained as a nurse so I was confident in my own judgement that I was able to carry on.

It is a very good idea that you seek some advice. I do hope that some rest and getting into day 6 might make you feel better, as it worked for me.

Best wishes x


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I got pretty sick to my stomach the first time I started as well, that was right around day 5 as well. Honestly that's why I'm starting out with SS+ this time around. I don't feel nearly as icky as I did the first time and I'm already noticing that i can go much longer without food and hunger pains.