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I'm really hungry today / tonight. I've been drinking loads of water, but still have rumbly tummy and cravings - rubbish! Going to go to bed now - isn't it easier to sleep through?!

I've just worked out that today is my 46th day! I plan on doing 112 days in total - when I look at it like that, it doesn't seem so bad!
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irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
You are doing so well. More than half way to goal now. You will have days like today that feel just that little bit tough. You are doing the right thing, off to bed, snuggle up and tomorrow will be a new challenge.
It's the weather I think. Cold and miserable always make me hungry. I also think that at this point in our diet we do have a bit of a dip - I should know, mine's been 5 days now and is only just starting to get easier.

Hang on in there, it will get better...
I was nearly naughty tonight - I've again been hungry all day. OH was going to buy himself fish and chips for tea, and I said 'good idea, I'll have a small fish' and so he decided to go to the co-op instead to save me from myself!
God Bren that was a lucky escape it must be week 7
syndrome Ive struggled this week too hve been 100 %
but hve felt hunger and felt disheartned
But will defo not give in the fat will not win !
Yep, definitely the week 7 feeling!! I've been 100% too, but it has been tough this week.

Roll on weigh in, and then we'll be on week 8!
I get weighed every two weeks so roll on end week 8 !! X


Otherwise known as Jools
Hi Bren

When in that "hungry" situation I find that a big cup of steaming hot very sweet black coffee tends to do the trick for a while - it tastes like something naughty and hot drinks seem to give the illusion of filling me up a bit. Good luck - keep going - you will succeed.
Thank you, I often have a massive mug of hot water, but being a little odd (!) I don't drink coffee (unless it's mainly cream with lots of brown sugar in!) and don't drink much tea either. I do tend to have my evening shake as a hot chocolate mint one, made with about 400mls of water so it really lasts!

Still hungry today - argh!!
I'm still hungry too, but I'm trying to embrace the hunger and use it to remember that being hungry is just my body tellinh me that I'm losing weight.

That said, the box of Thorntons continental choccies I've got hidden at the back of the cupboard (hidden from me and the Hubby) are calling me very loudly! It doesn't help that their shouting that just one wouldn't hurt. Yes it would. I WILL NOT CAVE.
Stay AWAY from the chocs Clee!!

I have had 4 LTs today (well, 3.5 - couldn't quite face all of the coconut flapjack - eurgh!!) as I was just SO hungry.

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