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I have just finished week 6 and I am also noticing grumbling tum for the first time since the first few days and actual hunger pains. They don't last for long though. I am drinking about 3ltr water a day. I wasn't expecging it because after the first few days I have felt full.

Odd...... anyone else?


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I have completed 7 weeks on TFR and have been 100% over the last week I have notied myself getting hungry and I had never noticed it before. I am drinking loads of water...any suggestions?? Has this happened to anyone else??

Ci x
I am into my 4th week, I haven't experienced hunger pangs but I did think about food in the first few weeks. Having said that we are all different, perhaps someone who has been doing it longer than me will chip in. Why not have a word with your pharmacist or ring Lipotrim's fee line and ask them.:D
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Am on week 11 n still get hungry at times with am late with my shake!
But a pint of water normally does the trick.

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going to be difficult evening going to karaoke and theres always a buffet...


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just finishing week 4 and I am STARVING today... I wonder if I'm just a bit bored with not having food though and thats why... struggling today xx
Hey Tori, where did you get that red tick from? Thanks in advance
i'm on week 6 now and starting to feel hungry so i have a cup of coffee, don't know whether its because i'm planning to refeed in a week or two so starting to think about the type of meals i'm going to prepare x


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You just key in : checkmark : without the spaces between the colons and the word if that makes sense!


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lol yey! at last! haha xx
That red tick can be seen in the " more smilies". You need to scroll down though!
Thanks for helping. I'm always wanting to learn:D

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