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Hi there everybody, firstly I want to say a big thank you to you all, I have been reading this site for about three weeks now, and I have gone to laugh and cry with you all lol. You gave me the incentive and encouragement to start on the pro gramme. You have all done so fantastic.
Today I joined you all, I need to loose approx 3 to 4 stones. I have had my strawberry shakes, and chicken soup tonight, well at 4 actually as I was so hungry! Having a bit of a job getting all the water down me, on my third pint now.
Please re-assure me that this hunger gets easier, I have also felt at a loss really thats the only way I can describe it. I say I don't eat much through the day, but I guess I must lol, as I realise the times today I have gone to pick some food, haven't though!

Please to meet you all good luck xx
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I will do this!!!
I promise the hunger will disappear!!!
hi val, im a newbie to, i been looking at website for ages and cant belive how well everyone as done, im on day 8 now. the hunger does get better, just try and drink as much water as you can, ive been trying to drink 6 liters a day. i also have a lot of weight to lose, but staying positive and thinking about the new skinny me, lol. gud luck x
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I think its gets better, i find after day 3 you dont feel hungry at all. You just wanna eat something from habit. Internet imaginary shopping for smaller lovely clothes is a great way to keep your mind off eating. good luck xxxxx


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Yes, the hunger does go and only the smells remain to tempt us...;)

And, I'm only on day 12 but I can see the difference in my skin, eyes and hair. It's worth a few days of feeling pretty yuck for something that works so well.

Good Luck and welcome xxx


a new way of living!
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welcome to the mad house ;)

the hunger will go, to be honest i did struggle the first couple of weeks, but it was so worth sticking with it!

just come on here for a moan if it gets you down, thats what i did lol.
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hi and welcometo you both as all the other say the hunger will disappear about day 5ish drink the water log in have a moan congratulate it all keeps yo going
all the best


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:welcome:and congratulations for making that first step. Once the hunger has passed (after day 5 or so) you'll be flying.
look forward to watching your progress.
We're all here for moans or laughs, good luck Hunni xx
i have had 2 weigh ins now and im so happy i stuck to it.i was hungry and very cranky the first few days but im fine now .you will get a few bad moments,but they will pass quickly,,keep at it ,theres nothing like the buzz of your weekly weigh in and finding out it was so worth while,having lost more weight..good luck .xxxxxxxxxxx


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Welcome Val46! Stick with it through the first few days. By next week you'll be finding it a lot easier and you'll be glad you did!

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