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Hurt my back... Any advice?


Will get there one day!
Yesterday I slipped over at work and fell on my back and twisted my left leg out, I felt quite stiff after and this morning I feel like I have a jolting pain every time I walk on the left side above my buttock and almost in my hip.

I am supposed to be working today between 1630-0100 with an hours drive each way but am considering going sick (I don't usually go sick so this would be a biggy for me and I will feel extremely guilty if I do) to try and do all I can to alleviate the pain and get better.

I have got hubby to rub ibuleve gel on it but does anyone have any ideas of what I can do, have googled but there are mixed answers, heat & cold, stay active, sit still.. Not quite sure what to do, does anyone have any ideas please?
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Firstly, I would go to A and E and have a hip xray to make sure you havent a hairline fracture or something, and then I would follow their advice about how to care for it. I dont mean to sound glib or anything but none of us are medically trained and this should be properly checked out. Hope you feel better soon though!


Will get there one day!
Thanks everyone, I didn't go to A&E as I figured if I can walk I can't have done too much damage and I don't like wasting their time.

It feels more muscular than anything, I've been soaking in a warm bath, and alternatively applying hot and cold compress. Have also changed between moving and sitting still where as at work I would have been sat down the whole day.

I have booked an appointment at Dr's for Friday as that is the soonest appointment I could get.

I had been getting back pain from running but only really whilst running not generally after so I think I've niggled that but at least it's making me see someone now rather than just leaving it.

Thanks again everyone x


Will get there one day!
Selwonk I did put it in accident book last night, fortunately they're happened to be 5 Duty Managers and 2 Union Reps on duty who all witnessed it and encouraged me to put it in log or else I probably would have not bothered, glad I did now I've taken today off.

Poor cleaner was so apologetic as well bless him, one of the reasons I didn't want to log it was that I didn't want him to get in trouble.


Will get there one day!
I went to the Doctors yesterday, she got me to bend down, twist, laid me on bed and moved my legs, asked me loads of questions. She says she thinks I must have landed on my pelvic bone and if I have any change in bowl or water movements, numbness, tingling etc or anything not quite right "down there" then I need to go back straight away ...don't know what that's about!

Went back to work afterwards, having been told to keep active and not sit still longer than 1/2hr the hour drive in killed me and then with all good intentions getting up every half hour didn't quite happen so was in pain last night and stiff this morning.

Everyone at work said they were surprised to see me back as it was such a fall.


Will get there one day!
Thank you, I feel in more pain today than yesterday! Just about to leave for work now so as well as numerous tupperwears of food I've got supplies of painkillers!

Hope you feel better soon x

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