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hynosis for weight loss anyone?

I tried it once but it didn't really do much for me. I have had success with EFT though. PM me if you haven't heard of it and would like more info. :)


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Hi sweetpea

I studied clinical Hypnotherapy for 2 and a half years and I'm fully qualified. The sad part about it is since I've qualified I've never done a thing with it. My hubby keeps suggesting we make one of our rooms into a therapy room.

I am actually going for a 2 hour Hypnotherapy season on Monday. I decided to go for 2 reasons 1, give me an opening to meet another hypnotherapist and I'm hoping to ask her to mentor me. 2, help me with my own weight loss journey. I know what I want to achieve and I know I can do it, just need to focus my mind


I will do this!!!
My friend had it done for smoking (she's been smoking for 15 years), she was hypnotised 3 months ago and hasn't smoked since. Im just saving up the money to have it done for my weight loss!!
Hi thank you for your replies.

Charliesworld, I tried to send you a PM but couldn't as I don't have permission yet (not enough posts) Can I ask what EFT is? I'm a really bad binge eater, I'm reading a book about CBT at the moment & have tried listening to Paul Mckenna but neither are really helping. I'm desperate to try anything :-( Thanks in advance x
EFT is a kind of acupuncture but you tap the points with your fingers rather than having needles - which means you can do it for yourself rather than having to have someone else do it for you. I must admit I feel like a right wally doing it and would never do it in front of anyone else but you can use it on anything - literally there's a film called try it on anything on youtube too!!

There's loads of stuff on the net and follow along vids on youtube. I seem to remember Paul McKenna using it at new year on Lorraines show for someone who wanted to give up smoking but when I went back to watch it I couldn't find it (she did give it up btw).

If there's anything you are stuck with let me know because although I'm not a practitioner I have used it alot.
Thank you so much, I will have a browse at it now. I think I have heard of the tapping thing, to be honest I don't mind looking like a tool if it works lol! Thanks again for taking the time to reply x


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I had a hypno band done - it's meant to be like a gastric band operation only done through hypnosis. I had read of poeple finding it helped them but unfortunately it did not work for me so I have gone back to the good old fashioned way of eating less and eating more healthily through the slimming world plan. I am also complementing that by taking xenical which I had been given previously by my GP. So far so good!
thank you lorraine, I did wonder if it was too good to be true which is why I wanted to ask on here. good luck with your journey, your doing fab so far x


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ive got one and ive just put it on my mp3 to listen to every night


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Hi there. I wanted to recommend Sally Baker in South London on this site:-
About | Working On The Body
(she does Skype too). She has helped me tremendously and can't recommend her enough. I've had hypnosis before too, including a hypnoband last year, but nothing seemed to really help before. Sally works in what she calls 'collapsing the issues' round weight loss and I now have hope and am doing well on Slimming World!
Morning, my mam did it 2yrs ago and she lost 3 1/2 stone through healthy eating and gym 4 times per week. However she let it slip and has put it all back on. I would recommend Slimming World
I've never had hypnosis for weight loss but I was hypnotised when I was having counselling a few years ago, I know it's different for everyone but it was one of the worst experiances of my life. It was for stopping panic attacks and not letting negative thoughts through my mind... I don't remember what she was saying but I remember just feeling paralysed like I wanted to stop but I couldn't move or talk! very scary! However, it did work for a short time and no matter how hard I was trying to sort something through in my head the thought just wouldn't go in and the panic attacks stopped.

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