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Hi everyone,

Ive been searching the internet looking for ways to help me on my weight loss. I am a member of a gym i never go to, have had fad diet after fad diet and never seem to stick to it. The one diet i could stick to it turned out i was allergic to, lol (Lipotrim).

I know the problem. My lack of motivation. Im lazy, I fully admit that, using the fact unhealthy food is cheaper and that I feel tired after work so cant go the gym because I cant give it 100% anyway. All excuses i feel guilty about after, but never stops me.

So I need to change my mindset, and thats where hypnosis comes in. Ive just order Glenn Harrolds Lose Weight Now CD to try it after the rave reviews Ive seen on this site and others. Cant hurt to try, and a lot cheaper than going to a hypnotherapist as money is tight at the moment.

Has anyone used hypnosis here? Successfully or not, just very interested about other peoples experiences.

Will post every day once the CD arrives about my experiences, hopefully with results i can be proud of as well.
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Sick of waiting for it to arrive! Im not a patient person lol. Got on the scales last night and it was worse than I thought! Have joined tesco diets to try and help it along, but cant start the diet till next week till I get paid. So emptying the cupboards at the moment.
Arrived yesterday so listened to it last night. Not sure if its made that much difference eating wise, but got the best nights sleep last night I have in a long time!!! Will carry on using it, i hope it gives me the motivation I need!


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Have to admit I tried hypnosis with no success at all. I wanted it to change my attitude to food but it didn't help one bit. I don't think I wanted to take responsibility for it myself and was hoping it could be magically taken away. No such luck. Sure it works for some people though! Good luck. :)


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I had four hypnosis sessions including the hypno gastric band in march of this year, def changed my attitude towards food and I've lost 7lbs but its not good enough for me. I'm one of these people who wants instant results and to see pounds falling off everytime I step on the scales!! I've bought a copy of the dukan diet book and going to give that a whirl.
Hypnosis is great, I had it to quit smoking 3 years ago and I haven't smoked since!!
You can get weight loss hypno apps which I'm going to start doing every night.
Good luck!!! We can do it!! X
I had some hypnotherapy years ago but not for weight. It worked well at the time but once I stopped going the effect gradually wore off. I think it is a case of ...I think it will work, so it does! Once a doubt creeps in then it is no longer effective. No harm in giving a CD a go though, it's a lot cheaper than seeing an actual therapist.
BeckyBex you are so right - this is not something where you are brainwashed to never feel tempted again. You need to think of it as a tool with you driving the bus. But what a tool! I will come back and post but need to turn this flippin puter off now!!

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