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Hypnosis and weight loss?


My husband = My hero
Mornig everyone..

just been looking at Rosered's thread, shes going to lovely new york (lets not all hate her at once hehe)

but it made me realise, i a actually PETRIFIED of coming off this diet...

i know i am no were near in controll of my body, or my emotional attachment to food,

andjust wondered if any of you think Hypnotherapy would help??

can it actually change your relationship with food, so that you dont actually need it everytime something good, bad or just a wednesday happens??

Any advice would be fab, has anyone had it?

will try anything to keep these pounds off!

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You could try Paul McKenna's book (which comes with hypnosis CD) "I can make you thin"

It tries to use neuro-linguistic programming tricks to change the relationship you have with food.

Personally, I think hypnosis is a crock and while NLP might have some benefit, it's not the sort of thing that can be done over a CD.


My husband = My hero
Duly noted! will look into it, plan to follow alot of his tips any way such as putting your fork down between mouthfulls etc...

will have a look on the internet and see what i can find out about NLP

thanks John, how are you getting on?


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
Hmmm i have always thought about this before i started this diet - so i would be inclined to try it if worst came to worse.
But ... like with most things, you will never know untill you try it - so go for it girl! :) tell us all what its like!!


My husband = My hero
Haha i will do hun!

clutching at anything that will help me get over my obsession with food an keep these pounds off long term!

will keep you posted!!
Thats what bothers me too, that this is the easy part... I dont want to keep losing, then putting it on and going back on lipotrim... I think for me next tattoo I'll have "elegance is refusal" put on the back of my hand lol

blue eyes

Positive and focused!
My real worry was that I would lose weight and put it all back on again.

So far I've managed to lose 3 stone, from sept-end nov, went on holiday for 2 weeks then xmas. I must be doing something right as I have managed to maintain.

Have really struggled to get back on lipotrim but this week (well last couple of days) have managed to lose 2lbs.

I've only got 2 1/2 stone left to go and have thought and panic about what happens after food wise, but will just follow advice from lipotrim. XX


I will be skinny again!!!
That is a very good idea!!

But to be honest i think this diet will more than change your relationship with food.

That is why we have such limited flavours in the range of LT, to cleanse our pallets... so that we stop thinking of and craving food..

And if we introduce ourselves back to food properly we hopefully wont crave the fattening foods..

Look in Rosies thread I asked how her grilled chicken and green beans tastes... She replied something like "amazing, who would have thought healthy food would taste so good?"

Were hopefully losing weight, retraining our brains and our taste buds!!
I guess the key is to learn that once we come off this, just cause we can eat anything, doesnt mean we have to eat everything!!!


My husband = My hero
I know im still greedt thoguh thats the problem from the start and why im a chubby monster!!

wondering if being hypnotised will help



I will be skinny again!!!
I am greedy aswell lol!!

But just make smaller portions for yourself.. Our stomachs will be shrinking!!

My plan is to make alot smaller portions... Wait 20 minutes and if i am still hungry make a little more!!

It takes like 20 minutes after food for your to feel full, where as i never weighted that long and always always always over ate!!
I know im still greedt thoguh thats the problem from the start and why im a chubby monster!!
Here you missus! I just had a look at your photos (got over my 50 posts last night yay now I'm a real person!!) You were never ever a chubby monster!! I'm not saying dont do LT cause if you're not happy then you have reason to change it (after all you spend the most amount of time with yourself over anyone else, you gotta be happy with the skin you're in) but you're a stunner!! Chellys gonna share some leg with me, can I put you down for donating some boobage?!!
Awww!! But you got the legs, I am a needy person!!! Lol I'll sit on O Connell bridge with a blanket and ask people going past - "Excuse me Madam, I cant help but notice you have a GREAT RACK! Might I be so bold as to ask you for a little??"
True, I cant swan in here and steal everyones body parts... I'll just sneak about and steal everyones fat and shape it into great boobage!!!


My husband = My hero
hahahahaha ladies what have i missed!!!

you can have 1 and share it between u! would probly b left with a D cup each hehe

as for legs, take all mine i hate bein 5ft 10!!!! its horrible!

my fella is 6ft 4 and only just taller than me in heels!

its crappy!



I will be skinny again!!!
im 5 ft 10 so i dont need any more height!
But i hate being tall too!
Mine is about 6ft1 maybe and im taller than him in heels lol!!

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