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My doctor recommended using Hypnosis to lose weight. This is because I am always sucessful on diets but the minute I stop I regain the weight plus more so she said Hypnosis may give positive suggestions to my mind to lose weight and keep it off.

My question is... has anyone ever tried hypnosis to lose weight? Did it work or not?

I went for my first session last night and it is very expensive :8855:but I did find it very relaxing. Not sure how it's going to work though! I could still eat chocolate! :sigh:
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Hypnosis for weightloss

Hi. I am an hypnotherpist and may be able to help shed a bit of light. Basically hypnosis itself can't MAKE you lose weight. The state of hypnosis is a naturally relaxing and empowering state within which you will be more open to suggestions. These suggestions still need to be within your framework of ethics and morals etc.
Any emotional obstacles may need to be adressed to such as comfort eating etc. This can be done both in and out of trance. It is a powerful tool and factors like the therapist's skill and insight, your motivation and reason for losing weight etc will contribute. Like anything results aren't guaranteed but it is a powerful and effective tool.
If they havent already get the therapist to teach you self hypnosis and use it regularly. It's a bit like working out little and often will be more effective not just having a session once a week. Also you will have to take some ownership of your own progress.
I myself have given up smoking using clinical hypnosis and had a top up just before starting the cambridge diet and lost 5st in 4 months with no straying at all even over Xmas which I know was helped by setting my intention within hypnosis.
I hope this helps. I am not sure if we are allowed to give out web addresses? If we are I have some FAQ's on my website which might shed some more light on it.
Mandy x:)


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I was in same position as you, typical yo yo dieter.
I'm afraid to say that for me hypnosis did not help me lose weight.
I tried, for several months but still did not lose more than a couple of pounds which I lost and then regained and lost again.
We even tried regression therapy but that didn't work for me either.
In fact I weighed more at the end than when started.
So I have now given up on that and am going to try a diet again just to lose the weight.

I hope it helps you