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Hypnotherapy works!

After 2 years of working seriously hard to keep off the weight I lost on LL and yo-yoing up and down by a couple of stone at a time I think I've finally cracked it and changed my thinking using hynotherapy!

My friend trained as a hypnotherapist last year and has been using me as a bit of a guinea pig to try out some stuff. Not for weight loss as I'm currently at my goal but to try and change my thinking about food.

It's really incredible. I think about what I 'need' in terms of fuel rather than what I want. I leave food on my plate. I put down my cutlery between mouthfuls and eat slowly. Even over Christmas I didn't put on any weight. I think I've finally cracked it and am happy...not because I'm thin. But because I'm in control.

If you can find a good hypnotherapist I can't recommend it enough (it's nothing like being hypnotised!)
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great to hear this Rachel as I've just had two sessions and I can say for the first time in about 40 years I've felt this way about food. It's exactly as you say and all my obsession has gone although I'm still enjoying what I eat I just can't be bothered eating more than I need! Here's hoping I get thin this way because it by far beats dieting!


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Is Hypno expensive, its something I have been interested in for sometime now.
have wanted to try this for sometime but finding a good therapist is the tricky bit, can ur friend advise of type of course or qualification we can look out for, has she specialised in weight loss.
I'll find out from my friend what qualifications you should be looking for. She didn't charge me very much but is now fully qualified and I think sessions are £45 each. You'll only need a maximum of six sessions though trust me. Hypno isn't a long term thing although you need different sessions for different things (eg you couldn't do weight loss and stop smoking in the same session)

I can never remember what she has said to me once I open my eyes at the end but it's clearly working and my subconcisous tells me when I don't need things. Somtimes things will pop up in my head that really support me to overcome my crooked thinking as well. Don't ask me how it works but I think it's magic!

My friend is in Manchester and is getting booked up fast but if you want to see her then I can give you her contact details privately. She has had weight problems in the past but has completely overcome them and been a stable weight for over 3 years now.

She also does gastric band hypno which I know is quite popular and basically gives you the results of a band without the surgery!

It doesn't always go to plan and I do sometimes have an 'off day' but I actually don't worry about it any more because I can easily be back on track the next day or even a few hours later. It's just a case of changing your thinking and behaviour without even reaslising you're doing it. Sounds too good to be true doesn't it? I hope it isn't!


S: 12st5lb C: 11st5lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 30 Loss: 1st0lb(8.09%)
My hypnotherapy isn't gastric mind band but it has definitely decreased my appetite loads and I've not touched a sweet thing or had any desire to do so. It costs me £35 a session.
You're thinking about hypnosis, not hypnotherpy. They're very different things! In hypnotherapy you are completely in control and can open your eyes any time you want to. It's very realxing and you know just what your therapsit is saying so if they said 'bark like dog' you'd more than likey open your eyes and question their professionalism!
It's a well regarded alternative therapy. The NHS are doing trials with pregnant women at the moment to try to reduce the fear and pain related to childbirth.

Pinkie :)

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I'd love to try hypnotherapy but Im too scared I'd end up with some wacko who'd make me bite onions or walk on all fours barking :rolleyes:
Hey, I'd pay to see that!!

One is an alternative therapy recognised by the NHS. The other is just 'entertainment'
If you're interested in hypnotherapy, you should try the book ''You Can Be Thin'' by Marisa Peer.

Its written in an hypnotic style and uses alittle NLP to help you change your eating habits and overcome your issues with food. You dont even realise its working but i felt the results the next day when i was in the supermarket and was not tempted by anything, it was a nice feeling.

The book comes with a CD to help you absorb the information better and you have to play it a minimum of 21 days after which you can listen to it as many times as you like. I think its best to listen to it a couple of days a week so you keep seeing positive results.

Its not as specific and personal as a Hypnotherapy session but i think its a good place to start if you're interested.

But yeh, give it a try :) xx
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I forgot to mention that some of the techniques/information/activities in the Marise Peer book might contradict with what you learn on LL CBT.

I am reading ''The Beck Diet Solution'' book at the mo which is CBT based and i have found that some of the suggestions and techniques actually do contradict with what i have read in the Marisa Peer Book.

On some issues, i prefer the MP book so i am trying to blend the 2 books together and personalise my own programme, i just have to be careful i dont confuse myself or mess up everything, lol.

Anyway, i just wanted to mention it so that it doesnt cause any problems with you what you learn on LL.


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