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I’m back on LL


longs to be average!

About 3 years ago, I used to post regularly on here whilst do LL. Stupidly I stopped doing LL just after going onto RTM, and the inevitable happened, all that weight I lost ended up going back on, and within months was back to where I was.

So I took the extreme approach and had bariatric surgery and had a band fitted - 2 years on and I weigh now pretty much what I did when the band was first fitted, and it almost cost me my life.

So, I have decided to go back onto LL only this time, see the journey through to the end.

Looking forward to becoming part of the Minimins community again.

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Hi Corey,
Welcome back - we missed you
I'm sorry the surgery didn't work out for you. I remember you were very successful on LL weren't you? You will be again. See it through, do RTM, keep going to Maintenance. It's free after you reach goal so why not. Also you'll get great support on here too.
Have you got the same LLC?
i look forward to watching your progress.:)


longs to be average!

I did do really well on LL - I have the same LLC which is good as there is that history there already and apparently there are still quiet a few of the same guys there still.

Got to see my GP to get the forms all signed off - need to make that call tomorrow, and then will be back on track.

Just noticed your signature - your weightloss is incredible and the pix are awesome - truly inspirational.


Hi welcome back Corey, and good luck on your LL journey!
Sexy xx


longs to be average!
Thanks for all the wishes of good luck - am eager to get the show on the road, but waiting for my GP to get her act together and sign me off as OK to go back onto LL. Am still hoping to be able to pick up my packs on Monday evening, and get the show on the road Tuesday. It’s so frustrating, it’s taken me a long time to get my head around the idea of redoing LL and the delay doesn’t really help. Still on the plus side, it gives me a few extra days to enjoy those foods I shouldn’t be eating, as it’ll be a loooooooooooooong time before I ever consider eating them again!!
Welcome back Corey sorry to hear about the band problems
Good luck with your restart I am sure you will do it
I'm a bit confused by the last post. I did LL 4 years ago but could not do route to management - money problems and came on hoping for some help from others who had returned. Don't really understand why someone would post on a LL returner forum if all they are trying to do is put people off, especially when the 'advice' they are giving comes across as patronising. Sorry if I'm speaking out of turn but this has put me right off. Those of you who have returned and are doing well good on you and I hope I can do the same. Well done to those who have kept the weight off, you are inspiring.
Hello Dippy
I agree with you.
Lindaslostit I don't think this is the right part of the forum for you.
We are here to support each other. Corey has chosen LL because he knows it works.


is Magdalicious
Patronising doesn't even come close!
Sorry I felt personally offended reading that post!
Corey is a grown ass man and I'm sure he knew what he was doing choosing LL. Don't take any notice of haters Corey!
Keep up the good work! :)

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longs to be average!
Have I missed something? What post? I feel totally left out now :eek:( lol.

I take it some saddo was having a pop? Oh well, as you say Magdax, I’m a grown ass man, and as I grew so did my ass :8855::8855::8855:


is Magdalicious
Its been deleted.
It wasnt very nice let's put it that way.
Hope you're ok x

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longs to be average!
I’m gutted I missed it - could have done with a laugh!

I’m doing good thanks - just chopped my way through a Chilli con Carne food pack - adding a little more water to what the pack suggests turns it from gloop to something rather tasty!!


longs to be average!
I fell off the wagon big time over the Easter holidays, and as I have been off work all week have kind of not gone back on it. I shall return to the diet on Tuesday, work is perfect for creating and maintaining a routine. I have to stick to it, have 7 weeks to lose a shed load of weight in readiness for my Mum’s wedding!!
Hey Corey just reaa ur diary, dont worry much about ur blip, as you said u are back on the wagon tuesday and you can put whats happened behind you. lots of luck with ur LL journey xx


longs to be average!
I agree, even after the LL journey is over, there will be blips - Christmas, Easter, Holidays where we’ll put on weight. It’s ensuring that we don’t turn those blips into habits that’ll ensure a diet free lifestyle.

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