I almost gave in today, advice!!


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Hi Girls and Boys,

I have been on cambridge now for 5 days and today I almost gave in and scoffed my face I was seconds away from doing it. My first week is actually going to be 11 days as I joined on thursday but want my weigh day to be a monday so it will be a long week this week. I think I've lost over 10lbs already and I am happy but today I was just so hungry I almost caved in and raided the fridge but my fiancee stopped me. I started at 21 stone 10lbs and I am drinking lots of water and eating my 3 meals but I almost gave in.

I cant see myself going much longer before I will need to eat something. I know everyone says be strong but I need to eat something, maybe when I get the bars it will help.

Any advice appreciated x x x
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Don't give in .. honestly, once ketosis kicks in you will feel GREAT!! Don't let your chatterbox win .. think of why you want to lose weight .. buy something one or 2 sizes smaller - put a fat photo (we all have them!!) on your fridge!!

You can do this .. you will do this!!!

When you want to eat, have a big glass of water and then see if you want to eat!! Keep doing this!! Honestly it works!!! Or go on the arcade here .. keeps me busy for HOURS!!


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VJS hi,

The first week is so hard. Just think why you are doing this, what made you want to start it in the first place. I found that i craved alot of food during my first 3 weeks, but i promise you this will fade. I am now on my fifth week and do not crave any foods. it really does get better honest.

Keep up your good work and you will be fine x


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Yes totally agree, keep at it, it really does get easier. Everyone is different but most people notice an improvement in their second week & lose the hunger pangs well before the third week. Don't give in now, it'll make it harder for you in the long run, keep drinking your water, it really does help. Once you lose your appetite, it's a whole different ball game :)


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Sorry to hear that you had a rough day today. Im now starting week 7 tomorrow and when I look back I can still remember how hard the 1st week in particular was, my worst day was day 6 but on day 7 I felt fab.

Please try to stick with it, I promise it will get easier once you get to a couple of weeks in the hunger (both actual and pychological) will have gone.

Think back to why you wanted to start this diet, you say that the think you have lost about 10lbs and are 21st10. How will you feel in just over a month when its possible to you to be either near to getting under or under 20st. Try to imagine that.

Im sure that if you refocus you can do it. You also sound like you are getting great support from your partner.