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  1. IrishLaura

    IrishLaura Silver Member

    I have been on this forum for about a fortnight or so now, and tbh although I have surprised myself by how well I am doing on LT I am a bit worried.

    I see some peoples sigs, and they are trying to get into a size 8 jeans, or they are 12 stonne etc, they are just random examples, and I know that these are goals that these people have set themselves, and I hope with all my heart that they reach their goals, but if its taking these people a few months to get to a ''normal'' weight, then I feel like I am going to be on this diet for sooo long its unreal.

    When I first started I thought I would be on it about 12 weeks, thats soooo naive of me, and I dont know what to do.

    I am going to continue on the LT but by seeing the weight losses by everyone else ( and you are all amazing), I feel like Im a lost cause.

    Does any of this make sense?

    Im only 23 and I have been through so much already and I know why I am so big, but I dont think there are many people on this forum over 20 stonne, makes me feel very :( that I could be on this for months and months to come to make any BIG changes.

    Sorry to rant but its how I am feeling and I dont know who to talk about it :( I dont mean to bring anyone down.

    Thanks, Laura x x x
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  3. misscheeky

    misscheeky Gold Member

    heya hun, im 22 23very soon! im on CD not LT and i was just over 20stone when i started. my goal is to be able to wear a size 16 jeans. id love to get to 13stone..i might even go further but it depends when and if i get there. i have messed around since i began the end of jan so have made the road longer.
  4. IrishLaura

    IrishLaura Silver Member

    It is so daunting to think that I could be on this for months to come, I suppose at the minute I just feel abit pissed off, no chance of me stopping now though, not untill I get where I want to be!

    Its the only life I am going to get and there is so much that I want to do!

    Oh I dont know, maybe I am just tired!

    Thankyou anyway honey x x
  5. Crims

    Crims Silver Member

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    I think maybe setting small goals then revisiting them when hitting them would be the way too go, it makes life a little easier - I'm not in the same position as you but I can hear what you're saying. I wouldn't set massive goals but small obtainable ones.
  6. Gen

    Gen Normal

    Ok didn't want to read this and not post... ... but what I will say is... KEEP GOING..... Don't think of when you will be finished... the week will go by girl and you will be amazed at how fast... and if you stick with LT you will be losing weight as them weeks fly by instead of either putting on or maintaining if you stopped LT.

    There are loads of people on here very close to or over 20 stone... ya just have to keep ur eyes peeled for them :D:D and girl even if there wasn't we are all on same journey whether its 10 stone or 3 stone we have to lose!!

    I wish you the best of luck and please try to stop thinking of months or weeks away... just get over tonight.... tomorrow... next WI and you will not find the time flying by!

    Imagine by this time next year you will either be at goal or very close to it... how amazing is that!!!!!
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  7. madhousemum

    madhousemum Silver Member

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    slimming world
    arr sweetie. the way i see it hun you will get there ok it may take longer but it isnt for the rest of your life it will be less then a year and you will be so happy. dont worry about coming on here and talking to us thats what we are all here for!
  8. misscheeky

    misscheeky Gold Member

    just to echo what gen said just keep going and never give up on the dream you can and will get there..i would have never have thought id get to 16stone from over 20 but here i am!!!
  9. LisaLisa

    LisaLisa Silver Member

    hun, you should set little targets ad stay on this forum for support - one day you will be a smaller version of ur gorgeous self telling someone else who has just joined not to be daunted by the amount of weight they have to lose cos it can be done - you have nearly done it for a month now - short time innit???

    you will be the guru for the newbies coming soon

    keep your chin up hun

  10. NICOLA F

    NICOLA F Full Member

    Just remember baby steps as the others have said pick small targets, mine was I was trying it for a week then two and now im into my 6th week and still setting little targets, you can do this and you will certainely get all the support you need here so just remember ane day and one little step at a time.
  11. thembie

    thembie Full Member

    Cambridge Diet
    The weight will disappear sooner than you think. Time will go by fast. Just keep shaking and drinking the water and you will soon reach target.

    Much love

  12. tara66

    tara66 Silver Member

    Lipotrim TFR
    Hi hun,

    The forum is a real mix of people with different goals. Mine is I want to lose 8 stone. Not sure how much you want to lose but I don't think 8 stone counts as a few weeks job!

    I have been on it 12 weeks now and hit my 4 stone gone this week. I have realised that I don't have to lose the whole 8 stone to start feeling really good about myself. For the first time in ages I feel like I am putting me first now and again and it is great.

    I didn't start by thinking how long it would take and I didn't decide straight away that I would go right to my ideal weight on this programme. Thats just too tough. I honestly just took one day at a time and it truly does fly by once you get a few weeks under your belt.

    Also food does just fade into the background and your just not that bothered about it. You do have down days especially early on it shocked me how much I used food as a crutch, so without my crutch I had miserable moments. You just move on and start to fill your life with things other than food and I am enjoying this experience now.

    The destination is really important but the journey is fun as well if you set your mind to enjoying it, including the milestones along the way x
  13. pizzle84

    pizzle84 I will do this!!!

    Irishlaura i felt the same as you i thought id lose my weight in 12 weeks but now im set to be on this diet for at least 6 more months!!! Im only on week 4 but it felt like only yesterday that i started it so it goes to show how quickly it goes by. Just take it a weeks not months
  14. Lisa Bigger Bum

    Lisa Bigger Bum Full Member

    Hi ya, I totally agree with Tara.

    I was just over 20 stone at Christmas and tried to diet on my own I managed to lose almost a stone between then and May. I started Lighterlife (very much like Lipotrim) on may 9th and now weigh in at 15st 6lbs, its amazing and the time goes by so quickly honestly. I have a chunk still left to lose, however I feel skinny, its quite mad how shifting that amount of weight will make your ego lift.

    Just try and think back 2 or 3 months ago what you were doing, ie birthday, party, whatever and just think how quick the times gone since then. It really does get better and before you know it (sorry guys) Christmas will be here again and you would have lost around 4 stone, how cool is that.

    I found last years diary a couple of days ago and could not believe how quickly that year flew by with me writing in it along the way, 'I WILL start my new diet next week' yeah right.

    Yoiu are doing so incredibly well and will look back on this at christmas and feel fantastic, I promise. Just hang on in there it is soooooo worth it.

    Sorry I went on, just feel so passionate about this these diets work, there is just so much proof on here. Check out Blonde Logics thread 'something cool i found out today - why persaverance pays off'

    You gonna be fine, keep us posted Lisa x
  15. rainbow brite

    rainbow brite ~Starsprinkled~

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    Everyone has given great advice. The best thing to do is break it all down into achievable mini-goals. That way you get to tick something off your list regularly and feel good about it :)

    For inspiration, here's mine:

    Mini Missions:
    1 - Out of 'obese' BMI (Done W3)
    2 - Into 12st bracket (DONE) (W2)
    3 - 1st lost (DONE) (W2)

    4 - BMI of 28 (DONE) (W7)

    5 -
    Into 11st bracket (Done W5)
    6 - 2st lost (Done W5)
    7 - Finish first mini goal (28lb) (DONE) (W8)
    8- Into 10st bracket
    9 - 3st lost

    10 - BMI of 26

    12 - Enter 'healthy' BMI
    12 - 4st lost

    13 - BMI of 23
    14 - 5st lost
    15 - BMI of 20

    Hope that helps x

  16. thefutureisbright

    thefutureisbright Banned

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    hey you!

    Hi Laura,

    Im from Northern Ireland toooo! :) I have just finished LT, i did 13 weeks and I am telling you it FLEW IN! It goes by soooo quickly you wont even see the weeks!

    My friend is over 20 stone and she started LT a month ago! She is absolutely buzzing, she is wearing a skirt now that she hasnt worn in 4 years. She has so much energy and is really excited!

    From my experience, I got some tough days in the first few weeks of LT, I was constantly looking at the calendar trying to figure out when I would be at goal so I could come off TFR. After a few weeks I was just flying through it and the next 10 weeks seemed like 10 minutes!

    I bet you in a week or so you will not even think about how long you are going to be on LT. It gets sooo easy and you will have sooo much energy, you will really start to ENJOY being on LT. Before you know it your clothes will start falling off you, and every week you will see your body transforming, and it will motivate you no end!

    The best thing to do is take LT day at a time, and every night when you go to bed, feel proud of yourself for being a success.

    Set little mini goals to reward yourself, like manicures, new hair style, facial, new handbag or perfume... it makes hitting your goals so much sweeter when you can reward yourself!

    You will soon really love being on LT, and I wish you every success in the world. I love to see people succeed, it gives me so much satisfaction and really warms my heart when I hear of other people's achievements.

    You are in the early stages, but the next week or two you will start to see the changes, and start to feel great! :)

    I bet when you get to 12 weeks on LT, you wont want to come off it. Seriously, if I could have stayed on LT I would have! I was finding it so easy and simple to follow.

    I hope that I havent upset you with my comments about size 8 jeans... I used to dream of this day and after being on LT for a month or so, I realised that my dream was going to come true. I am so happy to have achieved it, infact sometimes my head still cant believe it is true cos it seems to have happened soooooo fast!!!

    Laura, your dreams will come true too, whatever size you dream of being, whatever clothes you look at think "if only"... you can make it happen, just stick to LT and it will all happen soooo much faster than you think!

    This forum is full of so many people, of all shapes and sizes, people starting out, people at goal, people with 12 stone to loose and people with 2 stone to loose, but everyone is here for the same reason, to get slim and healthy!

    It wont be long until you are one of the great success stories on minimins, and dishing out advice and words of wisdom to people starting out and sharing how amazing this weight loss process is and telling them how quickly time goes by!

    Chin Up Babe! It's like a wheel barrow... its all ahead of you ;)

    Love Julz
  17. missy3

    missy3 starving!

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    hey, please don't get disheartened, think about how long u have been on this journey even before lt, i started lt at 16stone, but ive been trying to loose weight for practically my whole life. Ive been unhappy with how i looked since as long as i can remember. I think the journey for most people lasts for years and years with yo-yo dieting.. I know i've went for bigger to less big to bigger again. LT works, you definately know its going to get you somewhere you want to be. It may be a journey that lasts 1 year.. but whats one year really when we have struggled for 10. You'll get there, and it'll be worth every single second you worked for it. keep positive xx
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  19. nicki26

    nicki26 Gold Member

    you can do it hun, monsoon lost ten stone i think in about 6 months,she did really well, i lost 8 stone in just over 5 months and the time flew by, i am not just saying that either but it truly did and i found it very daunting at the beginning to be honest with you,didnt think that i would ever be able to stick to the diet for long enough to get to a weight that i want to be, i am now 9 stone 7,day 7 of refeed and those 5 months were worth everything!! i wouldve found it more daunting to stop the diet knowing that it was probably my only chance to get that weight off, i knew i couldnt do it the healthy eating way because that DEFINITELY would've taken 2 long! get bored after two/three weeks and start eating the same old rubbish again...

    i now love eating healthily, i am loving healthy food,finding it so tasty,have not thought once about eating anything that i used to eat,doesnt bother me at all, lipotrim is the easiest diet to stick 2 and if it wasnt for lipotrim i wouldve still been sat here bulging out of my size 26 trousers eating a kebab or something right now !

    please stay strong hun, i promise you that it does get alot easier and once the weight starts melting away week by week you wont even notice the time that you have been doing the diet because you will be 2 busy treating yourself to new clothes and chatting on here helping out people that are in the same position that you USED to be in....

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  20. thefutureisbright

    thefutureisbright Banned

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    brilliant post nicki babe xox
  21. nicki26

    nicki26 Gold Member

  22. linny343

    linny343 Full Member

    Hi Laura i started last july 2007 at 20 stone 9 pounds i done it faithfully for 2 months and lost 3 stone i came off it untill jan 2008 and i have messed about alot with weddings and birthdays ect but i am now 14 stone 4 pounds i want to get to 10 stone 9 pounds and im nearly there just a short distance to go now. im getting married next june and it will be amazing to be nice and thin in my pics keep at it dont mess around it just prolongs it i have not cheated now in two months and i have lost the most weight in these two months dont waste your money or your time why dont you set a goal to get to 15 stone then take a wee break from it do ww or slimming world then go at it again for another while alot of people will probally dissagree with me but for me personally i found that taking breaks from it really helped me :jelous:
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