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I am a moany cow...


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I will join you being a moany cow Megan. I want cheese and chicken and to get rid of this metallic taste. AND I've just realised I've left my glass of water at the other end of the office!

I have been tempted several times in the last couple of weeks... what I do is to imagine the end. I have the best incentive ever. Also, I think about how GUTTED I will be if I go through all this for a week and then don't lose anything at my weigh in due to one stupid slip up.
We all have days like these I'm afraid. My car has been taken away today to have some stuff done to it and I'm sitting here thinking what I can eat next - or my next meal Arghhhh..

We do get through this though because we need to look at how far we have come and visualise what we are going to look like in another four weeks time. I put on trousers today that didn't fit me six weeks ago and that is incentive enough. I know that this feeling will pass and tomorrow I will be much more positive and so will you.

Rosie xx


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you're allowed to be a moany cow, it's in the rules
just think of your losses to date, and your goals, have a sip of water and you'll be great



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I know I am moaning and that I will feel better tomorrow I just feel ERGH today hehe, to make it worse I have a 2nd jo working in a pub so tonight I will be taking about really bad food (but secretly the stuff i want to shove in my mouth :D)


can see the end in sight!
visualisation is a great way of distract yourself. i used to imagine myself in all the amazing clothes i wanted, strutting down the street minus 8 stone.


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Megan, those r truly the "testy" days, but keep going... You'll be looking so good on your bday!
I'm another one for imaging myself in clothes. I love looking at Asos, Oasis and Oli and planning out my outfits for when I'm at goal


Want to be a yummy mummy!
All I can think about is how I would like to eat and just be 'normal' :cry:
Yeah but dont you go shopping and walk past Topshop or see the latest fashions in magazines and think I wish I could just buy those jeans and be "normal"!

Or do you mean eat and be slim? Im afraid we all have something in common, we arent blessed with both! Bugger...hey!

Just remember why you are doing this...these moods dont last for long, you just need to remember that you're in control and i bet your moods are way better now than they used to be? I used to be fat and unhappy eating everything in sight - now i feel in control and yes a bit peeved sometimes that this is what i have to go through, but its far better than feeling in turmoil not wearing the clothes i want to wear.....

Hope u feel better


Shut up Ethel
A useful thing i read somewhere that really works for me: a woman was having trouble losing weight - she kept 'slipping up'. The nutritionist asked her what she most wanted about being slim and her answer was to wear skinny jeans with knee high boots. he took her to the supermarket and asked her to find something she would like to eat that would make her feel as good as she would feel in skinny jeans and knee boots. There was nothing.

When I am tempted I try to think about how good it will feel when I reach goal, and wonder if eating the crisps/bread/whatever will feel as good as that.
I think we all get hungry days! I can be fine for weeks and then one day il gladly murder someone so that i can have a bite of food. When im really craving something, i actualy sit down and write down what im wanting to eat, why im wanting to eat it, what it would feel like to eat it and also how i will prepare it etc... And then i say to myself that a week from now, i will have that food. Then, by the time a week passes i never want it anymore and look at what i wrote and think to myself why on earth was i craving for that (and have a good old giggle at myself). Gets me through it every time! I think its because it gives me some control over the situation, instead of thinking im not allow it. Also, its a real eye opener to see how irrational food cravings can be :D


WILL be Slim!
I'm another one for imaging myself in clothes. I love looking at Asos, Oasis and Oli and planning out my outfits for when I'm at goal

There isnt a better feeling that the one you get when you fit into a smaller size than your in at the moment! That can never be replicated by eating! :)


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