I am a right moody old cow...

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by bunnycd, 27 February 2007 Social URL.

  1. bunnycd

    bunnycd Full Member

    I am in a constant stinky mood I don't know why I just feel like punching something. My weight has slowed down and lost only 2lbs last week when I though I had lost more. My scales say I put on 3lbs. I have just had an extra pack and I am angry at myself but was starving. I am tired and cold all the time.... having a bad day! :break_diet: No clothes fit me anymore and I have been in the same top for days. I can't buy clothes as they will be too small soon (I hope) my boyfriend has gone away on business all week, I have an interview at 10am on Thursday 70 miles away which means stress out getting there. My breath stinks and my hair is like a wirey mess. Ohhhhh what a rant.
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  3. SkinnyCow

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    Oh Bunny xx Just look back at what you have lost is such a short space of time. You are doing brill.

    I have bad days also but then i try to remember it wont last forever and tomorrow is another day.

    Keep smiling hun you are fantastic x

    P.S. dont punch me for writing this lol x
  4. Treefrog

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    Let it all out- I was like this last night, all gnashing teeth and RAGE! It does pass, you'll be fine. Just remember why you're doing this :)
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  5. bendigoblue

    bendigoblue Full Member

    Im having this exact same issue today, everything just feels crap. I was a saint all weekend through a family meal of my favourite beef strog cooked by me on friday, then a family party with gorgeous buffet on saturday, and finally my boys baptism reception and then roast beef dinner on sunday. I snuck on the scales a bit early to try and spur myself on this morning and they only say 2lbs off. I feel so completely jipped, i've worked so hard and it feels like its for nothing. It's not TOTM, i've been going to the gym and i've not cheated at all. :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

    I'm feeling cold, miserable, hungry and I want a pizza and i'm finding it very hard not to have one. :break_diet:
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  6. poohbearmufc

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    Hi Bunnycd,

    Sorry you are feeling crap, why not have a nice long hot bath, relax... you sound like you need to unwind...

    Why not have a troll through ebay - you can pick up really cheap clothes, that only cos a few quid, then it doesn't matter if you only wear them for a few weeks?? might cheer you up looking through them (selecting smaller sizes than you used to!!)...:hug99:

    Hope you have a better day tomorrow and good luck for your interview...:vibes:

  7. bunnycd

    bunnycd Full Member

    Thanks so much everyone. I went to Dorthey perkins and bought a nice pair of size 16 jeans and size 14 top and a pair of boots and a snug dressing gown. I know it is a waste of money but It did the trick as I feel so much better.
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