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I am blinkin starving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Says it as it is!!!
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Day 5 for me ...keep drinking hunni x x x and yes, off to bed with ya x x x
What day are you on?
hi, it does get better.
i think everyone probably feels like you do, i did... i cam on here and everyone really helped.
do something to take your mind off it, get a bath or something...
when i feel tempted now, cos i still do sometimes i try something on that either still doesn't fit me or that is now falling off... it kept me going.
i just think either i need to get into that or oh my god i couldn't fasten this a few weeks ago...
the water will help...

it does get easier....... guides honour.



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end of day 3 so early days

arghhhhh thanks girls!!!

i could cry - how silly is that!! :(


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Be strong Lisa ,it does get better and it is soooooworth it. Off to your bed now..night. Things will improve . I promise. Go girl..
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Not silly at all hun, think we've all felt like that at some point, early night xx
hey Lisa, I am also starving starving starving!! lets just get this first week out of the way then I am sure it will get better!!

Here's hoping anyway or I think I am in for a few months of VERY early nights!!!!

I agree!!! First few days are soooo hard, but it definitely gets so much easier, stick with it, wither off to bed or do something to keep busy. You can do it hun!!!


soon to be minnie mouse
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it does get easier i promise, take yourself off to bed and tomorrow you will be so glad you resisted temptation


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ahhh thanks you lot

off to my bed now to dream of cheesecake :p

talk to u all tomorrow

thanks again has helped a little to know u have or are suffering just like me!

lorislegs - we can do this yaknow.....we can.....we can....we effin can!!!! :D


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well......i only did it!!! I got through the night with a rumbling tum and am sat drinking my strawberry shake like it manna from the fricken gods!!! I so needed all ur encouragement last night - it makes me fill up just knowing u lot are there when the goin gets tough....oooo i feel a song comin on!!!

4th day and i feel bloody great!! bring on those hunger beasties - i can take ya....put em upppppp [in a yellow brick road stylleeee] :D

ahhhhh you girls are amazing = oh and porgeous u look soooo amazing!!! keep posting on my threads cos ur b4 and afters dont half give me the gumption to get where u are!!!

hmmmmmm how do u get ur pic up on here? - just so i can scare the bejeysus outta u all :p


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wooohoooooo kay i feel great!!! I swear on any other diet i would have had a nibble of something or other last night....but this is the make or break diet for me - and for once i am determined to make it!!!


soon to be minnie mouse
S: 11st0lb C: 10st4lb G: 9st12lb BMI: 25.5 Loss: 0st10lb(6.49%)
see we all knew you could beat those food demons, now it's down to major fat burning and your 1st WI so good luck and get gluggng the water
Well done Lisa, I too got through my first day woo woo!! Now I know I can do it and honestly the hunger is not as bad as eating diets! I like the fact that you can't eat anything, otherwise it's too easy to say one tiny biscuit wont hurt!!

On to day two now for me!!

lisa i started on the 23rd june and have to lose one more lb than you maybe we can have some kind of race to see who gets there first! its always good to do this coz you keep eachother motivated! PM me if you like. when you hoping to lose the weight by?
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Lisa, well done on resisting temptation. I find if I have the munchies then a cup of black coffee does it for me. It is just a different taste to the water.

It'll be your first WI before you know it and that will give you the encouragement to continue with LT.

Good luck Hun.



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wooohooo yummy mummy i am sooooo up for a race ;) even if i lose - who cares :p I think the only way to get through this diet is to stick together :)

my first WI is on friday night after work - soooooooooooooooo 3 more days to go!!

Thank you all for your comments - i am starving at the moment - but i know i will be fine - i did it once - i can do it again, and again, and again if need be!!!

I am averaging 4 litres of water a day now!! I sem to spend more time in the loo than at my desk in work like lol

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