I am chuffed to bits!!


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Awww I was so happy all day yesterday I am just gonna have to share it with you all. :D

I took my dad to A & E yesterday morning as he slipped over playing cricket & landed on his shoulder, anyway when the doctor had a look he thought he had broken his collar bone but to go for an x-ray to check the damage.
So after the x-ray he called us over to show us the damage he said he hadn't broken it, he said it looked like he had broken it as he is a bulky man ( me dad is quite stocky build) if it happened to me it would be more noticable with me being a skinny person..

OH MY GOD , Can you imagine the smile on my face when he said that, I have never been called SKINNY in my life...
I told everyone I knew when I came out of the hospital,
I am a happy bunny.. lol

Anyway just if your interested to know the outcome my dad had popped his collar bone out of joint so he is in a sling at the mo, Me & me mam have to dress him as he is in agony, Have to go back next thursday if the collar bone has popped up anymore he will have to have an operation..

Thanks for reading.

Big hugs..
It must be lovely to get a comment like that from somebody that doesn't know anything about you except what they see. Completely unbiased.

Bet you're feeling on top of the world :D
Thanks for your quick replies, He didnt have a clue that he made me so happy saying that I was skinny.

For me having a problem with my weight for years, for once I felt fantastic about myself.. :D

He wasnt even wearing glasses so I couldnt joke saying has he got bad eyesight, lol :)