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I am feeling faint anyone else get this?


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Hi all,

today when i was bending down i got really lightheaded and had to sit down.
then as I was walking up the escalators at the train station on my way to work I felt really faint nad hot and my heart was racing.
Is this normal and does everyone get this and how do i stop it?
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I do get this sometimes, normally in the first week or so and then it passes, or if I haven't had enough fluids.
I don't think that there is anything that you can do, try and pace your meals so that your body isn't too long in sugar, that might help.


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I had this my first couple of weeks. went really weird in the hairdressers-nearly passed out. i think it was cos i had too long a gap between packs and didn't drink enough. Only get it now if i get up to quick and have to sit down again.

hope it passes for you too. Just take it easy.
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I also had this after my first couple of weeks but it seems to have stopped now after being on CD for 5wks. I got up one morning to practically fall over/out of bed! My head was really spinning badly and i spent a couple of days feeling permanently 'drunk' yet obviously not being drunk! I was ok when sat down yet when walking felt like i was bouncing off the walls at times! All seems to have passed over now though thankfully. However the horrid chills have come back :-(


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I still have occasions where i feel faint it comes and goes, i just slow down for a bit have a sit down and of course a few slugs of water it soon passes


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I was on re-start this week and felt very lightheaded, seems of of gone away now

I am always cold on cd haha


Slimming for my children
glad I'm not the only one. Yea its my 7th day and its the first time i have felt like this. It could be the spacing of the packs as I woke up at 10am and am on a night shift of 1900 till 0700 so didnt eat anything till 5pm so I can have two of my meals (or drinks) whilst I am at work! Having a tetra and a porridge!!
Glad I aint gonna die or anything lol. I was getting really paranoid!


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I had this once, almost fainted and the room spun... I had gone a long time without 'eating' and think I had a big blood sugar dip. Also, had been standing for a long time in a hot, stuffy room. A friend gave me grape juice (I know, illegal, but you don't argue when you almost hit the floor) and within a minute things started to settle and I was OK. So... think it's a blood sugar thing, take care not to leave big gaps between packs and maybe take a tetra/bar in your bag for emergencies.
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I get this all the time.. usually if I stand up too quickly and then I think im going to faint - usually right as Im about to step off the tube! You just have to start standing up slower i think!


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I got this on day 3 and 4 and I just drank loads of water and took some neurofen and felt so much better ..
I too am suffering quite badly with the dizziness today - am only on day three so feel a bit of a eejit about it!! Its not going to put me off at all and I am being good with the volume of water I drink and the shaked I am having - I am hoping it is just an off day as it has me feeling a bit strange!!!

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