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I am feeling so so weak :(

I don't know if it is cus of my leg (apparent trapped nerve i did nearly 3 weeks ago), Or if its this diet thats making me like this ?

I am exhausted :(

I only lost 5 pounds my first week, and this is my second week and i have gained 1-2 pounds (before and after the loo)....

Don't know what to do? Can't be doing with feeling like this any longer..

I am not taking no pain killers cus my leg is managable, when it gets really bad by all means i will take something.

Feel like just eating choclate and a nice sandwich and milkshake, (i don't fancy them) But i wonder if they will help me feel ok ? Perhaps i am lacking in something?

Sorry to moan :(
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Alway see the love x
Hunni. I felt like that on the 2nd week.... It does pass as long as your not "ill" "ill" you should be fine...
Just take it easy, rest when you can. If you feel like a little nap and are able to, do it....
Could it be you totm? As I know the DEVIL comes to stay with me for a few days during, tease me with nawty foods and really making me want them.......Flick him off your shoulder, hunni and just take 1 day at a time

2m will be better, keep Trust in the eating plan as it really does work!!

Woofy X
I have a period every 2 weeks anyway (due to implant :() But its never affected weight on other diets :(......

I don't fancy no food like its i thinking shall i just eat them / drink them and i may feel better?

Yesterday i ate:

2 eggs with about a tablespoon of cream, to make an ommelette, 3 low carb sausages from lidles (1 carb each). dollop of cheese and onion from the pots in tescos (less than 0.6carb per 100g)

1 steak, cup of mushrooms, 2 cups of green beans and butter ?

6 x Chicken drum sticks through out the day

3-4 litres of water

Thats all i had?
you arnt eating enough different vegetables to get all your nutrients. How about things like broccolli, cabbage, cauli, peppers etc The other thing we talked about a couple of weeks ago was that a multi vit helps when on atkins to make sure you are getting all you need. Also, did you get any iron tablets? It is pretty likely with bleeding that much that you are at least slightly anaemic which does make you feel very weak.

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