i am giving up

i have been doing lighterlife for 18 weeks, 2 weeks of that i went on holiday and ate, i have lost just under 4 stone, yesterday i called it a day as i found after my holiday i found it so hard to get back on lighterlife:( i took one day at a time but it has been so hard, i have decided to stop doing lighterlife and join slimmers world but dont no if i am doing the right thing but i no i cont stay on lighterlife any longer, i feel so down and frightened about being back in the world of food again, i feel like i have let myself down and the people that have been there for me from the start of this diet, anyone with advise out there i will be more than happy to hear it:)
Hi Stanleybet. Firstly well done on your weightloss !! I think alot of people find it difficult to restart a vlcd diet once they have had a break.
You have not let yourself down or anyone else, u have done so well already.
Do you have alot of weight to still loose.Could you not maybe consider swapping over to Cd and you could maybe do one of the higher plans maybe 1000 or 1500 where you would still have your shakes and also some food and still be in control and then if you still want to Ss you could ease yourself back into Ssing.

Sorry am not an experienced vlcd peep, but i am sure there will be a few vlcd veterans who will be along soon to chat 2 u.
Take care and pls dont be so hard on yourself,remeber you have done so well already. xxx
Congratulations on losing so much weight. Many people find it hard to restart so don't worry. Perhaps SW is the way forward for you now and I know there are many people on here doing SW so it might be worth to give it a go.
Irene xx

thanks for your advice, i have 21 lbs to go, i thought maybe i could do 3 packs of lighterlife and have chicken and veg for tea each night and hopefully that way i could reach my target weight, i have told lighterlife that i wont be able to make it for 2 weeks so hopefully i will have sorted myself out by then, i have spare food packs so i am going to try the above and with any luck i will get back on track, thanks for your advise it good to hear what other people say and i think with this site i will get back on track and wont fail again like i do with every other diet i have done:)
Hi Stanley - congrats on your weight loss to date. With only 21 lbs to go, it seems like a good opportunity to start going through a 'maintenance' type programme. As you say, 3 packs plus protein/green'n'white veg meal per day will slowly wean you onto food. The GI plan is also meant to be excellent for 'returning' to eating.

Please check out the other sections on the forum - you will find lots of other people who are re-introducing food, who are scared like you, but together hopefully we will make it through!
Having lost almost 4st stanleybet you're actually a HUGE SUCCESS so please do give yourself a pat on the back :D

Roch has given exactly the advice I'd suggest. Think about phoning and having a chat with a CDC - the more flexible approach CD offers might be just the thing to help you lose the last 21lbs. There ar a number of programmes you could move up to, 790 or even 1000. Having done both I can honestly say they work and as you've reached the point where you'd like to incorporate food, would be perfect for you.
Hi Stanleybet

Well done on a fabulous weight loss. I think we started round about the same time (I started at the end of June) and understand completely that you get to the point of really not wanting to stay abstinent 100% of the time.

What about moving onto the management programme. You don't have such a tremendous amount to lose any more and may find that you continue to lose in management.

You could always do an add-on module to shift the last stone or so at the end of management.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do.
OMG! You SO HAVEN'T let yourself down.

I'm on day 11 of LL and I'm looking at you having done it for 18 BLOOMIN' WEEKS and thinking... pleeeeeeeease let me have that person's strength!! :)

And 4 stone off - you're a flipping inspiration!

Sounds to me like the perfect time to either switch to CD and do their meal thingy (sorry don't know much about it) or go onto management with LL. What I would say is, if possible, do it with support rather than just going your own way. There are a couple of girls in my LL class who did the whole 100 days, got down to a weight they were happy with (not quite their goal weight), left thinking they could go it alone and put it all back on! :( So now they're back again! Very brave of them really - but they both said to me not to make the same mistake.

As hard as it is now to keep going, I can imagine it being MUCH harder if I ever get to the stage you're at .. 4 STONE DOWN... the stuff of my dreams!!

Good luck.. keep us updated!

Firstly congratulations on your weight loss, you have done so well and should be very proud of yourself ;) :D

I'm a LighterLifer myself so I can chuck in a few ideas that you should be able to relate to before you decide to chuck it all in for a plan with limited additional counselling to help you with your issues. :confused:

Firstly, have you spoken to your LL counsellor about your fears and difficulties? LL is set up to support those re-entering the world of food so although you have only experienced the weight loss bit of the programme I can tell you that I found the management and reintroduction bit of the programme totally amazing. It is was LL is all about :D

I have learnt more about myself and how to deal with my particular problems than I ever did on foundation and development I found was a wash out for me. :rolleyes:

I'm sorry if I have got this wrong but my impression of your situation is that this is the time when you need the most help, this is the turning point of your diet. ;)

Please try going back to your foundation book and read through it all again, especially the bits about crooked all or nothing thinking. Try to put some of your present insecurities into some sort of order by doing this. Maybe have a look at my management diary thread too and just read my posts to prove that an all or nothing thinker can be reformed and have blips and know that this isn't the end of the world and doesn't spell the end of the diet no matter how hard it is at the moment. :)

With LL you get suuport from a trained counsellor to help you through because the hard bit is keeping the weight off rather than losing it in the first place. My personal opion is that times of self doubt and massive challenges are when you need more support, not less :(

Good luck with whatever you decide and please keep us posted if you can. Whatever you decide to do you will find support for your way so I hope you can keep looking in on the forum :D
I agree with Chicken. I feel that you need a little bit of extra support right now. Perhaps you could ask your Counsellor for a one to one chat and then you could have a pop in every few days until you are back in the swing of it. She might even agree that Route to Management would be best for you and then you could `lose a stone planned` at a later date.

I also feel that you need to re look at your Foundation book as even in your original post there is some crooked thinking.

Also, remember your very first week one exercise with the lemon or the one with the arm which shows you the power of your mind. Thinking negative thoughts produce chemicals which weaken the body so lets get some powerful positive thinking going here and make an adult decision about what you really think is the best thing to do for you.

I know it's not easy but with support you can do anything you want to x
Help needed also!

Congratulations to the lady who has lost 4 stone!

I need some help. I dont know what's wrong with me. I am really bored with the foodpacks. I have lost 2 stone so far and would like to diet for another 8/9 weeks to lose some more weight for my wedding. So yes I know there is a brilliant goal and its not a huge amount of time. I have my 3 foodpacks and then will have some food. I really do not know why I am doing it! Anyone have any advice as to why I am being such a fool!

hi jinja
know where you are coming from and i also feel so sick of ll now with another 4 weeks to go
but keep at it girl take one day at a time and you will look amazing in those wedding photos!!!!!!

Hi Nikky,

Thanks for your advice. I have a friends wedding to go to in 2 weeks and my dress is still a little snug so I have decided to really try and stick to the diet. Does anyone know whether it would be worth me trying CD diet now? I thought maybe the change in food packs/products may give me a new boost?

Its rain is absolutely unbelievable here. I feel sorry for the brides that are having this rain on their wedding days.

good god! 4 stones. i wish i was that disappointing! u have done so well! u had to go back to food sooner or later...was never gonna eat from sachets forever so well done on going straight to a slimming club. that just goes to show that u ARE in control. well done xxxxx