I am going to try to be back on the diet today

I have been really bad the past month or so. [I have had a lot going on] I havent really put on any weight , Not much , it is just that I have a stone more to lose.Its time. Im going to see my family in the new year and I want to look at my best , I have worked so hard to get here.
wish me luck !!!!!!!
Morning morning!

Ok first thing is that you have done fantastic so far!! You are literally in sight of the finish line.

But you have to get through that finish line!! And you want to get through that finish line.

So it's no "going to try" it is "going to succeed"

Get glugging the old water and that 16 pounds will fly down the loo in a week or two.

Go for it

Hi size 10....you and me both hunny! We just know how blinkin great we will feel if we do it once and for all...with you all the way tp 10 stone babe...I would LOVE to lose 7lbs by christmas..iknow its do-able just gotta stick with it ignoring christmas goodies all the way...mince pies & Mulled wine are EVIL...honestly!

Good luck...keep posting..lets kick each up up backside daily....hourly perhaps??:eek:
Best of luck!

((((((hugs and all)))))
Tomorrow's another day eh? can I lose 7lbs for christmas.....the challenge is on...actually feeling pretty mad with myself so not eating will be suitable punishment..OK so now I've got some serious crooked :mad: thinking going on and yo-yo should be my middle name but Im still here I guess that shows I have a goal in sight...just got blurred vision of late...aiming for 20/20 vision from the moment i wake in the morning....:rolleyes:

How y'doing 10stsize10?:)